Friday 1 December 2023 | 17 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

LMC Updates

Milad Un Nabi Program


This year, the KSIJ Ladies Managing Committee (LMC) hosted a Grand Miladun Nabi Program. In light of the current situation in Gaza (Palestine), the objective of this event was to raise funds to help the people of Gaza.

The program was a huge success, open to ladies of all communities. With over a thousand attendees and a variety of games, stalls, activities and businesses showing up and representing solidarity towards the cause.

Another main objective of the event was to reflect our Khoja Heritage through the activities. History plays a vital role for a community. We learn from our roots, our past in order to plan for the future. Every decision making by societies is constantly based on what came before us. We passionately believe that a concerted intentional effort to preserve our heritage is a critical link to our faith and cultural legacy.

  1. GAMES:

An essential part of the fund raising for Gaza was through a variety of outdoor and indoor games. These being Mini basketball, Hop scotch, Box & Straw game, Memory game, Marbles & Rocks in a sand bucket, Ring toss, Mini Golf, Build & Break the pyramid, Pin the green dome on the mosque, UNO, Monopoly deal, Carrom, Snake & Ladder, Bananagrams, Ludo and Scrabble. Not only did everyone socialize, enjoy and bond over the games but also received gifts based on point system and contributed towards the Gaza Fund by purchasing the game coupons.


We had 14 Food stalls and 22 Commodity Stalls – all supporting home based businesses. In addition to that we had a mehndi stall and a special Palestinian flag face paint stall sponsored by Strokes Tanzania.

Worthy of note was the Palestinian Stall specially designed to sell items supporting the freedom of Palestine and raising funds only for Gaza.


3. LOOK, COOK & HOOK Competition

Another important highlight of this event was the successful and healthy cook on spot competition. This competition was all about preserving Khoja Heritage and raising funds for Gaza. We had 6 teams of 3’s competing against each other. The team names being Kachori, Ganthiya, Dhokra, Patra, Khandvi and Khakra.

The teams had to cook on spot by picking up the chits. All of them had to make an Indian dessert, a vegetable curry and any flat bread in 90 Minutes. Team Ganthiya won and Team Khandvi being the runners up. All the food items were presented and sold for Gaza.

A big thank you to House of Cravings (HOC) and Baraza Restaurant for sponsoring vouchers to our winners.


The afternoon of the event was dedicated to an educative itinerary that began with an Inspiring talk by our Resident Aalima Syeda Urooj Zahra Naqvi. The talk was mostly based on “what can we do to show our support and aid Gaza” followed by a Kahoot Quiz based on the talk.

The comedy fun drama focused on an important message “forbearance and patience”. In today’s times where the world is filled with injustice, innocent people and kids of Gaza being bombarded, losing their homes and loved ones; we should be grateful for the little we have and undoubtedly pray for them every day.

The stage program ended with presentation of the Mahe Muharram Quiz, Kahoot Quiz and Look, Cook & Hook Competition. Congratulations to all the winners and all those who participated. A big thank you to Charming Collections (CC) for sponsoring vouchers for the winners.


Lastly, the LMC team would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers, attendees and sponsors for participating in this noble cause and donating generously towards the Gaza Fund. We pray to the Almighty (swt) to grant you all goodness in this world and the next, Ameen!


Wednesday, 11th October 2023, LMC with the Senior Citizens Committee planned a social event for the seniors to celebrate the Milad together. The event began with recitation of the Holy Quran and a collective Dua’a for Palestine followed by Salaah, various games, Cake cutting, interesting impromptu skits and a delicious lunch. Over 150 seniors were present and social events like these are quite necessary; they made friends, rejuvenated, had fun and look forward to the upcoming gatherings.