Wednesday 6 December 2023 | 22 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Tabligh Board Updates

Under the leadership of Al Haj Dr. Kazim Bhai Dhalla, the Tabligh Board has been working diligently to enhance its internal structures and systems. The ultimate goal is to promote and reinforce the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as) in order to strengthen the faith and uplift the family structures within the community. Over the past six months, the Board has made significant advancements, which are outlined in the sections below.

Hussaini Madrasah

The Boys and Girls Hussaini Madrasah streams have been unified in order to allow better coordination and efficient use of resources. The two streams are now under one Principal scholar,  Sheikh Mohammad Kamran with a deputy principal for each stream reporting to him. This new governing structure will create better synergy, efficient use of resources, harmonize the delivery and improve the quality of Islamic education to our students.In addition to this, the Tabligh Board has decided to add an additional year after Class 11 from 2024 onwards. The new class 12 program has been designed for practical implementation of knowledge, leadership training and community service opportunities. The graduated class 11 girls are part of the first batch of class 12 (2023) as an optional year. 

Madrasah Centre Of Excellence Syllabus 

The Tabligh Board has adopted the World Federation developed Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) syllabus and will be rolled out this year. The MCE syllabus has been around for almost a decade and is being implemented by more than 80 other Madrasahs Centres around the world. Tabligh Board together with the Africa Federation Tabligh Board and the WF MCE Team will continue to review, evaluate and improve the syllabus to build a strong Islamic foundation for our community

Council Of Ulama  

The Council of Ulama (COU) has been brought into being by the Tabligh Board with the following objectives: 

Names Of The Ulama

  1. Sheikh Imran Saleh
  2. Sheikh Zishan Somji
  3. Sayed Adeel Raza
  4. Sayed Arif Naqvi
  5. Sheikh Akmal Hussain
  6. Sheikh Jabir Chandoo
  7. Sheikh Kamran
  8. Doctor Kamal
  9. Sheikh Azim Shirazi
  10. Maalim Shabbir Datoo

Meet The Resident Aalim

In today’s world, we all face challenges and questions that require guidance and direction. As parents and guardians, it is only natural for us to want to guide our children towards the right path and ensure we have as clear an understanding of our beliefs and practices. The Tabligh Board recognizes this need and has provided a platform for community members, including parents, to directly connect with our Resident Aalim, Syed Adeel Reza and satisfy the thirst for knowledge. Let us take advantage of this opportunity and work towards becoming better Muslims and followers of our beloved Ahlulbayt (as) for the benefit of our Akhirah and that of our children. You may schedule an appointment for a meeting either through email or call via the number advertised in the poster. 

Tabligh Board Hires A Chief Executive OfficerZishan Bhai Somji

The Tabligh Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Zishan Bhai Somji as its Chief Executive Officer. In this role, Zishan Bhai will be responsible for implementing a unified Tabligh strategy across all of its sub-sections, including the Husayni Madressah, Madressatul Zahra and Quran Drive. Additionally, the Tabligh Board is working to collaborate with other sub-committees to better understand specific community needs and respond to the wide range of challenges in the most effective and timely manner possible.

Zishan Bhai was raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and completed his secondary education at Al Muntazir School. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Advertising from the American University of Dubai and a Master’s Degree in Islamic Education from Winchester University. After working in corporate business, Zishan attended a three year Mubaligheen Training Program conducted by the World Federation in Syria. On his return back to Dar es Salaam, he honed his passion for working with youth during his six years at Al Muntazir School, where he served as the Head of Islamic Religious Education and later the extra Curricular Department. Zishan is now excited to take on this new role with a special focus on supporting and developing the youth of our community. The Secretariat wishes him all the success in this new endeavor – Ameen.