Friday 1 December 2023 | 17 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Tabligh Updates

The imambargah was buzzing with whispers and recitation of Quran as this year the HMBS senior class 11 and 12 had their Darsa in the annex together with main Darsa, it was a sight to behold
Alhamdullilah we had over 315 registered participants and average 130 actively recited in the 3 Darsa groups, as usual we had 1-2-1 arrangement as well with active and enthusiastic participation. In the HMBS 57 boys registered for participation in 3 benches

This was huge undertaking in terms of organisation, coordination and logistics. We would like to thank all those who contributed in one way or the other to its success and pray that the Almighty Allah SWT rewards them abundantly, Ameen

We have to mention our special appreciation to mehfile Abbas team, Media room team, the mosque team, QDC team, Tabligh Board and KSIJ for splendid and unfleenching support and encouragement

The average age of participant was 41, with youngest being 10 and eldest 87.

130 participated in the competition, again apart from the competition carried on 14, 15 & 16 April 2023 at mehfil e Abbas, the attendance of participants in Darsa classes was also considered

Throughout the year, the Quran Khani Group under Maalim Mohamedjaffer Sikiladha conducts Quran classes for recitation and basic tafseer on Tuesdays and Fridays.
From this year the same classes will be on Mondays and Tuesday.

The QDC,plus external Maalims and Quran Khani group are working to put focused attention on reciters based on assessment from the just concluded competition and Darsa. Apart from general Darsa Classes, there will personalised classes and participants are requested to attend with their transcripts to gain maximum Benefit from the classes to improve and take their recitation to next level & understanding of the Quran.
The classes will be on Mondays and Tuesdays every week , started from Monday 24 April, 2023.
The classes are open to all Gents.

It will be unfair if we do not recognize the Maalims of the Quran Khani for this year 2023:
Maalim Murtaza Sikiladha, Mulla Akil Datoo, Maalim Zulfikar Visram, Malim Basawir, Malim Munawar Hasham, Shakir Dhirani, Abbas Zulfikar Visram, Aliredha Virani, Mohamed Dhalla , Husein Rashed,
Our QDC head Maalim Jaffer Ali and QDC & core Quran Khani Coordinator Maalim Shakir Dhirani.

Maalim Hassan Husein, Maalim Shabbir Yusufali and our mentor Shk Kamranç

Overall head of Quran Khani group
Maalim Mohamedjaffer.

Al Haj Maalim Mohamedjaffer has been supporting various Holy Quran Initiatives and is also the sponsorer for gifts and throphies for many many years.

The Core team of the Quran Khan included:
Arif Khimji, Husein Mohsin, Hasnein Manji, Aliasgher Abbas, Sameer Haidershah, Suhail Abdulrasul and Aliasgher Meghji

The team which has been coordinating Darsa Quran Khani for many years
Shafiq Abdulrasul, Zulfikar Alimohamed, Ebrahim Dhalla and Sajjad Rahim

Husyani Madressa Boys: