Thursday 28 September 2023 | 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Walk It! – From Najaf to Kerbala

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Download Strava & join our KSIJ Dar es salaam Walking Club by clicking on the link below

  1. Always make sure you have your phone with you while walking
  2. Ensure your location is on before opening the Strava app
  3. You only need the free version of Strava – no need to pay for anything
  4. Set your privacy controls so that everyone can see you (have flybys switched off)
  5. All walks to be logged as walks in Strava – except for this challenge, it will be logged as ‘Run’
  6. Make sure you remember to press save when you finish or it won’t show and hence won’t count
  7. Walks *MUST* be recorded on Strava – *no strava record – no points*
  8. Each walk has to be one continuous walk with no pauses except for washroom needs. Treadmill will be accepted for this challenge only (If necessary)
  9. Take a screenshot of your activity & post it on the group chat so that a record can be kept
  10. Use the Whatsapp chat group to motivate each other
  11. Sundays will be counted for this challenge only.
  12. Weekly scores will be posted on the group every Sunday night
  13. Warm-up with stretches and/or a short walk and don’t stop abruptly once you finish – walk to cool down and regulate your breathing.
  14. If you’re a new walker/runner – please ease yourself into it.

Gradually increase your speed & distance.

Keep hydrated.

Have a little water before you start and then a good amount when you get back home.

Wear appropriate shoes – good comfortable fit.

Warm-up & cool down

If for any reason, you are having problems with Strava please contact us.
Minhaal Dewji +255 652 961 361
Shagufta Bhimani +255 683 337 744