Saturday 2 December 2023 | 18 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Short Profile On The Speakers Of Muharaam 1445

We Will Have 4 Speakers Coming In The Month Of Muharaam 1445  Maulanas (Urdu,Gujrati And English) And We Will have 1 Zaakira For the Ladies. The Information Below Talks A little About The Speakers.


Dr. Sayed Razawi

Dr. Sayed Razawi is the Director General of the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society
As a Senior cleric, he continues to represent Muslim communities both nationally and internationally, having served as representative in Europe. With an interest in mysticism, and comparative religion, he is also an associate at Harvard Divinity School’s Project on Shi’ism and Global Affairs, as well as being a Visiting Scholar at the University of Strathclyde.
Locally, besides undertaking bridge-building and engaging communities across faith and non-faith traditions, Razawi founded the first Shia-Sunni Alliance in Scotland to promote ecumenical dialogue and good-will, has partnered with twelve national charities across Scotland, and is a Global Ambassador for “Glasgow the Caring City.”
He is a member of the Oxfam Zakat Advisory Panel, and has frequently led prayer at national religious services, including the Commonwealth service in Westminster Abbey.
He is also a trustee for Faith for the Climate and contributes to the debate on promoting freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief as an advisor to the Freedom Declared Foundation (FDF). As a liveryman of the City of London, he took the position of trustee of the World Traders’ Charitable Trust.
Internationally, Razawi is a member of multiple international organizations and non-governmental bodies including: the European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL), the United Nations Global Steering Committee for the Prevention of Genocide, the United Nations Multi-Faith Advisory Council (MFAC), the Global Sustainability Network (GSN), the advisory board of the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI), coordinator for the UNHCR Senior Religious Leaders’ Council and Trustee of Religions for Peace International. In April 2017, he partook in an historic private meeting at the Vatican with His Holiness Pope Francis.

Syed Raza Imam Rizvi Zargham

Syed Raza Imam Rizvi Zargham Is From Lucknow. Principal Of Al Hera Dar Ul Quran Lucknow Is A And Former Imam e Jumma Of the Reunion France Jamaat.

Mawlana Ali Sajjad

Maulana Ali Sajjad Murtazavi is currently pursuing his MPhil in Tafseer and Uloom e Quran. He has successfully obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Theology from the Islamic Seminary in Holy City of Qum, Iran.

His sermons primarily emphasize self-purification, the importance of avoiding violence, adhering to Allah’s commands, and following the path of Ahlulbait (the family of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

As an emerging scholar with over 10 years of experience of tableeg, Maulana Ali Sajjad Murtazavi possesses a strong ability to deliver lectures on religious harmony. His aim is to foster the holistic development of individuals across various platforms.

Zaakira Mubina Virjee

Zaakira Mubina Virjee endeavours to promote religious education and spiritual development by running a weekly Nahjul Balagha class, serving at the Madrasah and presenting lectures. She is a student of Islamic Knowledge and has taken several courses alongside pursuing formal Hawza studies online.
Sister Mubina originates from Tanzania and currently resides in Dubai.