Saturday 2 December 2023 | 18 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Seniors From UK

Seniors Guests from United Kingdom, Paris and Toronto arrived from Tanga on Saturday 11th March, and were welcomed by Senior citizen chairlady Batul Bai  Fazel and her committee together with Senior citizen chairman Jaffer Bhai Nathoo together with his team members. On Sunday 12th March the gents had a day trip to Bagamoyo and  Lunch hosted by Fazal Kermali and the Ladies visited Azim Bhai Dewji’s beach house.after a full day at beach, they returned to the hotel to freshen up before Dinner, which was then served at Mamboz, Masaki

Monday the 13th March, was an eventful day, as the ladies visited the Hawza, Madrasah al- Zahra and both ladies and gents were invited to visit Afed Towers. Here they were shown by the Archives team and they thoroughly enjoyed revisiting down the memory lane. The Afed team hospitably served them with Zanzibari mix. 

Monday evening, a grand welcome was held at the Ksij Ladies Imambargah for the visiting seniors. This event lost its glory as we sadly received the news of the sudden demise of one of our esteemed guest, In this event,  the President Of Dar es Salaam Jamaat briefly welcomed the seniors. And acknowledged that the departing of the blessed soul had left him speechless and he left aside what he had planned for the eve.

The Chairman and group leader of the visiting seniors gave a vote of thanks appreciating Dar es salaam Jamaat for their hospitality.

Wednesday 15th March, gents were taken for a day outing to a beach house hosted by Asger Dhanji and the ladies had a program in the ladies Imambargah where the seniors of Dar es salaam jamaat hosted a grand wiladah program of the birth of our living holy Imam (atfs).

Wednesday evening, the ladies were taken to Oysterbay, where they had a fun filled evening entertaining them with the delicious local savouries and natural drinks

Wednesday night, the seniors were invited for dinner at the Baraza by the kind courtesy of Sister Shakira Dhanani. There they were shown a power point presentation on all the Afed properties and projects. 

Thursday 16th March, seniors were invited to Kibaha for the day.

Friday the 17th March, seniors left for Zanzibar.

Monday 20th March, they returned from Zanzibar and lunch was organized at the Imambargah 

The Gents were later taken to Oysterbay for the evening while the ladies attended a tea party hosted by Gulbanu bai Bharwani. Having brilliantly enjoyed Dar, the seniors departed from Dar on Tuesday 21st March.