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KSIJ Newswire 2023/01

January 6, 2023


KSIJ USC crowned champions in the AK Cup 2022!


Salaam Alaikum

Dear Community Member

We are pleased to bring you the first edition of the KSIJ Dar es Salaam newswire for the new year. This newswire will take us through and give us a glimpse of numerous exciting events and activities from last year. We hope you will enjoy the read and the pictures that capture some of our beautiful moments – And we wish you all a blessed and a wonderful New Year 2023!

What is Inside:

In this exciting issue, we will share highlights of our events that were tailored made for the women and children and the youths of our community. The teams have given a lot of focus during the year 2022 to stimulate Islamic and academic growth within our community through a wide range of activities such as the Halaqa sessions, Youth Development Program, Cha(a)t evenings and many such events. These events were organized by youths for the youth of our community! We hope that this newswire encourages our young readers to be an active part of our community. If you feel inspired by the work and you wish to join and be a part of this exciting community, you can write to us and we will be happy to engage with you.



Women Events


Youth Events


Sports Update



Women Events

During the last six months of 2022, the Ladies Managing Committee (LMC) organized numerous activities and programs to inspire young girls and women to greater social, academic and spiritual heights. During the holy month of Muharram, our Guest Zakira Anjum Muqaddam presented morning and evening Majalises for the 12 days on a range of interesting topics. The summaries of her Majalises were screened and also posted on the official Instagram account @ksijdar and posted on the website –

Chai and Why?

The LMC organized a Chai and Why event on the 6th of August at the Tabligh Auditorium where Zakira Anjum Muqaddam took questions from the audience on a whole range of different topics. The event was successful in sharing and responding to pertinent issues and questions that affect us in today’s time. The event had a turn out of nearly 100 young girls and ladies.

Aliasghar Day

This event was held at Mehfile Asghary on the 7th of August where the Iranian Ambassador’s wife attended as the Guest of Honor. Our young girls presented skits, talks and conducted recitations. In this event, the mothers pledged to continue nurturing and upbringing our next generation in the name of Imam Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan al-Mahdī (AJTFS).

Volunteers Appreciation Program

The LMC organized a appreciation programme on the 11th of August for nearly 300 volunteers who have committed their time and efforts towards the majalis of Aba ʿAbd Allāh al-Ḥusayn during the Holy Month of Muharram. The true reward lies with Allah (SWT) and we pray for their tawfeeqat and of their families for this service is a great sacrifice. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Zakira Anjum Muqaddam.

Cha(a)t Evenings

An informative series for young girls and ladies were organized over two series. The first program focused on young girls on topics regarding peer pressure and family expectations was attended by nearly 70 young girls between the ages of 13 – 25 years. The second program focused on Parent-Child and Family Relationships for girls above the age of 21 and this attracted nearly 60 participants. The moderator for the events were Zakira Najia from Qum and the facilitators Dr. Zohraida Karim and Dr. Shaina Yusuf. More such events will be organized during the course of the year to respond and address the real challenges faced by young girls and ladies. 

Hasanain Day

An inter-faith program was organized on the 27th of September to spread the message of Islam. This event invited participants from faiths such as the Ahle Sunnah, the Khoja Ismaili and the Hindu communities. The message of the religion of Islam and the message of Hasanain was conveyed through prose and poetry. The event was a success and promoted sisterhood and unity with nearly 600 participants across all communities.


On the 6th of October, Eid-e-Zahra was celebrated through Mushaira with an insightful talk by Sis. Zeeshan Karim.

Milad un Nabi

On 14th of October, Milad un Nabi was celebrated through a Family Fun Fair Day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. where a total of 500 people attended. There were games that were organized by Mehfile Asghary for children and various other activities such as a Cake Competition, Buzzer Round Quiz and a Skit on Imam Jaffar as Sadiq’s teachings. Participants were awarded gifts and enjoyed a fun-filled day.

Some of the volunteers that attended the Volunteers Appreciation Program

Participants that attended Cha(a)t Evening Event

Some mouth-watering Chaats ready to eat

Milad Un Nabi Decoration

Some of the entries for the cake competition during Milad un Nabi Celebration


Youth Events

Basic Stitching Grooming Session

This took place on the 16th of June where participants were taught on the basics of stitching by Akila bai Sajjad. The participants were provided with the resources and were taken through the techniques such as Tacking and Hemming. This event allowed the participants to learn a new skill and perfect it at the same time.

Experiencing Death

The Development Society in collaboration with the Mayyit Committee organized “Experiencing Death” which took place on Tuesday, the 21st of June 2022. The event was aimed at educating the public on the various fiqhi and akhlaqi aspects of death as well as the procedural aspects of death in our community. The event involved a speech by Sheikh Muhammad Kamran and Minhal Bhai Kassam from the Mayyit Committee. A Q&A session was also held to give the attendees a chance to ask any questions. Overall, the event was deemed a success with over 140 attendees.

Ziyarat e Waritha Memorization

This event was open world-wide to all ladies and gents of all ages where they were given the option of either memorizing the whole ziarat or as per their capability. There were 5 judges who listened to the participants on 2nd of October and all those who took part were given a small token of appreciation.

Youth Halaqah Sessions

There were a series of sessions conducted for the youth on various topics:

• Dhilqad Youth Halqah – 5th June

Dhilqad Halaqah session was a follow up from the Ramadhan session where there was a speech by Heena Bai on practical tips for connecting with the Imam (atfs) followed by fun games which was very interactive and interesting for the participants.

• Boarding House Youth Halaqah – 23rd July

The event took place on a Saturday afternoon after Madrasah with the intention of giving the youth a fun Halaqah session with exciting activities such as treasure hunt and swimming along with one-on-one talk with girls from Qom.

• Muharram Youth Halaqah – 13th August

This event was open to ladies aged 16-28 years old was conducted by Shaykh Ali Rajani from Qom, Iran. The participants enjoyed working and discussing together through the impromptu debate with one side for the motion “involving parents when selecting a spouse” and one team against. It was a really interesting debate and Shaykh Ali concluded with the right (Islamic) way of selecting a spouse.

  Fatimiyya Youth Halaqah – 11th December

This event was held at Tabligh Auditorium for ladies aged 16 to 30 years with speaker Shama Bai Dewji.

The speaker discussed on how to tackle challenges in life with the lessons learned from the life of Lady Zahra (a.s), followed by an interactive session and collective group activity.

Milad – un – Nabi Event (Masterchef/Zen zone)

As part of the Milad-un-Nabi celebration on 23rd of October, a Masterchef competition was organized where 2 groups won and were awarded prizes. The audience were engaged with food related riddles and enjoyed the tasting of participants’ dishes. Along with this, a Zen Zone was arranged for children to enjoy fun activities such as coloring pictures relating to the Holy Prophet (SAWW).


Youth Development Program

The Development Society, in collaboration with the Central Board of Education of KSIJ and the Capacity Building Group of the Africa Federation organized a Youth Development Program on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of December 2022.

The program was conducted at the Imambargah and the AFED Towers Training Centre. We had 24 youth who participated. The program was designed to equip the youths of the community with tools which would help them to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

The participants were awarded with certificates on the successful completion of the YDP. Congratulations to all the young boys and girls!

Qasim Khatau
Fatimah Ladak
Shabbir Rashid
Zulfikar Sher
Ally Ahmed
Sakina Khimji
Sakina Lalji
Saqlain Rattansi
Fazalabbas Habib
Ali Shariff
Kumaylali Murji
Fatima Rashed
Maysam Manji
Aun Sajan

MohammedZameen Nazarali
Hassan Mohamedhussein Ramji
Mohamed Mohamed
Samiyya Salim
Alijawad Rajani
Qaimali Dharamsi
Sakina Jivraj
Husayn Moledina
Aliasgher Nagji
Fatema Parpia
Muhammad Jaffer
Sayyada Bhanji
Mustafa Okera


“I really enjoyed the YDP and got a lot of personal development and was able to find out more about myself through tools like MBTI which helped me understand many of my actions. The facilitators were very friendly and made sure the event was interactive and interesting for us. I recommend to the organizers to host more YDP sessions so other youths can also benefit as well as further development programs.” – Qasim Khatau

“YDP was an exceptional event which taped into our unconscious values. I consider the event of great significance because it it helped us know better about ourselves and that was done through the learning the concepts such as Johari window, personality test, iceberg theory and more. We really thank the organizers and facilitators for making it possible for us to experience this crash course.” – Hassan Ramji

“The YDP program was very informative and a self reflective session for me where I learnt about my personality type and the different personalities people around me have. I also realized that we can not judge people based on what we see because there could be a whole iceberg which influences their behavior and we can not see that. And lastly, I learnt how important it is to come out of my comfort zone for my own growth and development. Thank you for organizing this for us.” – Sayyada Bhanji

“The YDP event was very interactive, the facilitators were engaging and unlocked a new perspective on my personality and capabilities. There was a lot to learn from due to which I was able to come out of my comfort zone and try new things such as public speaking. I look forward to having more of such events in the near future.” – Zulfikar Sher


Sports Update

An inter-community sports tournament the AK Cup 2022 took place in Dar es Salaam during the month of November 2022 and three of our community teams participated and competed with great fighting spirit. We are proud to announce the results:

– KSIJ USC crowned Champions after defeating AK Green in the Senior Soccer

– KSIJ USC Green came runners in the under 16 Soccer

– KSIJ Union Gen Z came runners in Throwball

The President of KSIJ Dar es Salaam Al Haj Mohamedraza Bhai Dewji together with the Office Bearers hosted an appreciation dinner on the 7th of December together with the sports players. The Hon. General Secretary, Husseinali Bhai Datoo commended Union Sports Club Chairman, Al Haj Minhaal Bhai Dewji and the teams for their wonderful performance in the AK Cup 2022. He further appreciated the dedication and efforts towards building a community of successful sports men and sports women and wished them continued success in all upcoming sports events.

Closing Remarks

We would like to conclude this edition with a special thank you to each and every person who have played a role in making the year 2022 a successful one through their service to this community. There are many events and activities  organized for the benefit of the community and these have touched lives in one way or the other. This edition consists of a compilation of a few of the many events that have taken place to give you an insight of the what has been done in the last six months of the year 2022.

In the next newswire, we will continue to highlight more events from 2022 and offer you insight and updated into the new year 2023. With the Grace of the Allah (SWT), we are confident to experience a new year of exciting events and activities for all strata of the community. We also encourage contribution and participation from each and every one member in order to make 2023 yet another successful year Insha’Allah.

Stay tuned for more updates and event highlights!

Food for Thought

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Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed catching up with us. Your continued support means a lot and allows us to continue working towards being a better community. Keep an eye out for the next edition, where we will be back with more updates. 
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