Thursday 28 September 2023 | 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

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Sha’ban Quiz

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Rules for the Quiz

  1. The questions asked in the LIVE ON-LINE QUIZ will all be from the facts & Questions provided below. (Please scroll down)
  2. The Organisers have tried their level best for ensuring the accuracy of the information, however in case of any discrepancy, please do let us know. The Quiz answers will be considered correct as provided.
  3. Participation is open to all.
  4. The Organisers encourage to study as family, any member of the family can get involved while answering.
  5. There shall be a maximum of 20 WINNERS.
  6. Total Cash Prizes of TZ Shs 1,000,000/= to be WON.
  7. All participants are required to register to be eligible for the cash prize, on spot participation will NOT be eligible for the CASH prizes.
  8. The Cash prizes is only for KSIJ Dar es Salaam Residents.
  9. The Cash Prize will be eligible per family only
  10. LIVE Online Quiz will be held on Sunday 11th April 2021 at 9:00 pm. Online Live Quiz will be using
  11. We shall use new Kahoot option, participants will be able to see the Questions and Options on their Screens, KSIJ Media will use Broadcast – Leaderboard & those wishing to see questions also.
  12. Kahoot! Game pin will be shared on the day of quiz 10 mins before the quiz, via KSIJ YouTube channel.



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Holy Quran

  1. Sūrah Al-Yā Sīn is called, “The heart” of the Holy Quran.
  2. Allah (SwT) swears on the book that is full of wisdom. (qur’an al hakeem) because it has
    1. (a) Laws
    2. (b) Evidence
    3. (c) Parables
  3. The term “Innaka La’ Minal Mursaleen” means, ‘You are from among the messengers.
  4. The arabic word ”qamar” means moon.
  5. Surah tul Fateha was the first surah that was revealed in its complete form.
  6. The word “abd” mentioned in the Quran means
    1. (a) Slave and worship
    2. (b) Servitude
    3. (c) Submission
  7. The longest verse of the Holy Quran is in Surah Baqarah chapter no 2.
  8. In Verse 10 of Surah Baqarah “disease of the heart” implies
    1. Jealousy
    2. Hypocrisy
    3. Grudge
  9. A breaker of blood relationship will not enter the paradise.
  10. Shaitan did not prostate to Adam(as) because He was arrogant.
  11. People/nations who have false hopes about the day of judgement, tend to follow their hopes and desires and leave the right path.
  12. Allah(swt) does not need a partner because He is complete in His being and attributes and is All powerful.
  13. The significance of Prophet Ibrahim’s prayers is that He prayed for the generations to come
  14. A man can become a prophet by Receiving the special grace from Allah(swt).
  15. “jaahil” is someone who Lives in a state of unawareness.
  16. Ramadhan is the only month mentioned in the Holy Quran.
  17. Surah Fatiha is also known as Umm ul kitab.
  18. The attribute of Allah (SWT) mentioned in the first verse of Surah Jumuah are:
    1. Azeez
    2. Hakeeem
    3. Quddus
  19. There are five awakening oaths are there is the beginning of Surah Fajr.
  20. The word “TAGHABUN” is mentioned only once in the holy Quran.

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Hazarat Abbas (AS)

  1. The Kunniyah /Epithet of H. Abbas is Abul Fadhl.
  2. The greatest test of Hz. Abbas in Kerbala was that of Patience.
  3. Hz. Abbas had 3 brothers
  4. Mother of H. Abbas was from the tribe of Banu Kilabiya.
  5. His Birthday falls on 4th Shabaan 26 AH.
  6. Abbas in Arabic means Dauntless Lion.
  7. Imam Husayn (as) gave adhaan and iqamah in the ears of H. Abbas when he was born.
  8. For 14 years Hz. Abbas was under the care of Imam Ali as.
  9. For 10 years he remained under the care of Imam Hasan as.
  10. The first battle in which he participated was the battle of SIFFEEN.
  11. Shimr from the Yazid’s army, offered immunity to Hz. Abbas on night of Ashura because they came from same tribe, he declined became Loyal to Imam Hussein (as).
  12. Hz. Abbas’s last wish before martyrdom was to look at the face of Imam Hussayn as.
  13. ‘Saqqa’ mean Water carrier.
  14. Due to being a remarkable horseman, he got the title of Sayyid ul forosan.
  15. He was 35 yrs old was he when he achieved martyrdom.
  16. Lady Lubaba was the name of the wife of Hz. Abbas as.

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Imam Hussayn (AS)

  1. Imam Hussein (as) was born in Medina.
  2. His birth date is 3rd Shabaan.
  3. Our 3rd Imam and Nabi Isa were both born at 6 months.
  4. At his birth Lady Asma bin Umays was his nurse.
  5. Hazrat Aliakber son of imam Husayn (as) resembled the Holy Prophet.
  6. The Holy Prophet (saw) gave adhaan and Iqamah in the ears of Imam Hussayn at his birth.
  7. From the famous Hadith of Holy Prophet saww … Husayn is from me and I am from Hussayn… what the Prophet meant
  8. was… I am from Hussayn was that Imam will sacrifice himself for survival of Islam.
  9. Imam as spend 7 years of his life with his mother.
  10. In the 3 battles of Jamal, Siffeen & Naherwan, Imam Husayn (as) was one of the army general of Imam Ali (as)’s army.
  11. 28th Rajab 60 AH Imam Hussayn (as) left Medina.
  12. “BAYYAH” means Oath of Allegience.
  13. Imam Husayn (as) left Medina to do Amr bil Ma’roof and Nahy anil munhkar
  14. Imam first went to Mecca after leaving Medina.
  15. Hurr ibn Riyahi was the person from the army of Yazid who stopped Imam from going to Kufa.
  16. The special quality of the Khaak/Sand of Kerbala is that it has healing power.

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Imam Zain ul Abideen (AS)

  1. Sahifa Sajjadiyyah has 15 whispered prayers known as MUNAJAAT.
  2. The 4th Imam (‘a) was amongst the bravest of the Bani Hashim.
  3. The book of duas by Imam Sajjad is called Sahifa e Kamilah.
  4. Imam Zaynul ‘Abideen (‘a) used dua as his weapon to propagate Islam.
  5. Risalatul Huqooq was used as another means of propagating Islam.
  6. The 4th Imam did not spend his whole life after the death of his father crying.
  7. Imam Sajjad (‘a) used his grief, tears and supplications to spread awareness amongst the people.
  8. The 4th Imam (a) was not the only male who survived the event of Karbala.
  9. Mukhtar al Thaqafi’s revolt was during the time of the 4th Imam (‘a).
  10. Imam Zaynul Abideen (‘a)’s mother’s name is Shahrbanu.
  11. There were 6 Khalifas at the time of the 4th Imam (‘a)
  12. 4th Imam (‘a) was present during the time of Imam Ali, Imam Hasan & Imam Husayn
  13. These 4 Bani Hashim personalities were very brave.
    1. Hazrat Abbas,
    2. Ali Ibn Husayn,
    3. Muslim Ian Aqeel,
    4. Mohamed Hanafiyyah
  14. “Death is a matter of pride for us” Imam Sajjad (a) spoke these words in the court of Ibn Ziyad.
  15. 4th Imam’s Jihad had several dimensions namely by tongue, knowledge and akhlaq.
  16. Zaynul Abideen means Best of Worshippers
  17. Imam Zaynul Abideen (a)’s title As-Sajjad means The One who Constantly Prostrated
  18. Imam Sajjad (‘a) is buried next to his uncle.
  19. One of the Miracles of the 4th Imam (‘a) is the speaking of the Black Stone.
  20. The person who complimented Imam Sajjad (‘a) was Farazdaq.
  21. The other names for Saheefa Sajjadiyyah are
    1. Saheefa Kamilah ,
    2. Zubur e Ale Muhammad ,
    3. Injil e Ale Muhammad
  22. After Kerbala Imam Sajjad (‘a) lived for 34 years.
  23. Hajj to be performed in Jerruselam was a Bid’ah that Hisham Bin Abdul had introduced.
  24. Imam Sajjad (‘a) dictated the Saheefa to both of his sons Zaid bin Ali and Imam Baqir bin Ali.
  25. Dua Makarimul Akhlaq is dua taught 4th Imam
  26. One of the Massacres that took place during the reign of Yazid was The Event of Harrah.
  27. One of the recommeded prayers shown by Imam Sajjad (a) is Salatul ghufaylah.
  28. Imam Sajjad (a) was secured from being killed intitally because
    1. Government was busy dealing with the Tawwabun Movement
    2. Government was busy dealing with the Mukhtar Movement
    3. The Martydom of Imam Husayn (‘a) had upset Shias greatly
  29. In Risalatul Huqooq we find that Imam Sajjad (‘a) mentions 51 kinds of rights.
  30. The Dua for well-being is Dua number 23.

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Imam Mahdi (ATFS)

  1. The benefit of discussing and understanding the signs of reappearance is that It enables us to relate to what he (‘atfs) stands for thus prepare for dhuhoor.
  2. The similarity between Prophet Musa (‘a) and the 12th Imam (‘atfs) is that Prophet Musa (‘a) left Egypt in the state of fear and caution, so will the 12th Imam (‘atfs) when he leaves Madina
  3. The sequence of events (in progressive order) of reappearance will be first the Heavenly voice, Imam’s dhuhoor, sinking of
  4. Sufyani’s army, Yamani, and lastly the Khurasani.
  5. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Utaybi claimed to be “The Mahdi”.
  6. The verse of the Quran (48:28) talks about Allah (S) sending His messengers with guidance and the religion of truth and that He suffices as a witness
  7. Imam Mahdi (‘atfs) in his first sermon will intrduce himself.
  8. Believing in Wilayah means to be spiritually close to the Aimmah and this can happen when we focus on their teachings and align our lives ourselves with them.
  9. 12th Imam (‘atfs) is in ghaybah means His identity is unknown to us.
  10. The 2 types of Ghaybah are namely Ghaybate Sughra & Kubra.
  11. Surah Noor 24:55 gives proof of the coming of Mahdi(‘atfs).
  12. Human potential will be complete with the appearance of Mahdi (‘atfs). The purpose of the Imam’s (‘atfs) reappearance is to bring Lasting change in our thinking and behavior.
  13. Nabi Isa (a)’s role after the Imam’s (‘atfs) appearance is that:
    1. He’ll put a stop to the war with a group of Christians
    2. He’ll be a great supporter of Imam (‘atfs)
    3. He’ll be the middle man between the Muslims & Christians religion.
  14. The wars Imam (‘atfs) will be involved in is the establishing of the unified
  15. Some of the reasons Imam Mahdi (‘atfs) will be rejected are:
    1. Sacrifice and struggle wasn’t what people expected
    2. People will want proof with miracles
    3. There won’t be a magic wand effect to the problems
  16. Ahadith says the Messiah-ad-Dajjal will Give man a choice to ‘submit or be killed’.
  17. The reason to earn a living during Imam’s (‘atfs) era will be efforts done for gratifying purposes only
  18. Qur’an refutes miracles as the proof of truth versus falsehood because one should be convinced through intellect and purification of nafs .
  19. Imam (‘atfs) will remove the reason to live by greed because man will have easily available treasures, cquiring and hoarding will lose its attraction and importance of money will have devalued.
  20. Surah Bani Israel (17:90-95) refers to the polytheists of MAKKAH.
  21. If people knew what Al Qaim (‘atfs) shall do when he returns, then most of them will wish they never saw him. – Imam Baqir (‘a)
  22. We can get closer to our Imam (‘atfs) by matching our values & character with his.
  23. Belief in the unseen is considered as part and parcel of faith.
  24. We usually tend to confuse and mix with religion with culture.
  25. One of the reasons of opposing Imam (‘atfs) is reliance on tradition and ahadith that are not authentic.
  26. The coming of the Mahdi (‘atfs) will be through science & intellect. The justification used to explain the signs of the preservers of ahadith are few.”
  27. Imam ‘Ali (a) in Nahjul Balagha says, “The Narrators of Hadith are many but
  28. Imam Mahdi is the last imam Shia ithnasheri believe in as the last Imam.
  29. There will be 60 false Mahdi that will come before the real Mahdi (‘atfs).
  30. The night of 15th Shabaan is also known as the night of Bara’ah.
  31. A group of people who awaited for the savior for a very long time just like the Muslims are waiting now were the Bani Israel
  32. Some of the names of the mother of the 12th Imam (‘atfs) are: Sawsan Rayhana Sayqal
  33. The difference between Shia belief in Mahdi and Sunni belief in Mahdi is on his birth
  34. The coming of the 12th Imam (‘atfs) is a part or the evolution of the intellectual life from the animal stage to the angelic stage
  35. The Lineage of Imam Mahdi (atfs) comes from The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w).
  36. Imam Mahdi (atfs) is from the chain of 2 firm Beliefs – Islam and Christianity.
  37. His father is Imam Al Askari (a.s) – a descendant of The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w),
  38. His Mother is Bibi Narjis
  39. The mother of imam Mahdi (atf) was a descendant of Sham’un – a disciple of 2 Prophet Isa
  40. She was the granddaughter of the Emperor of Rum
  41. His Mother is from Rome and his father from Arabia
  42. His mother was a believer of ONE God, which is the True belief of Christianity too.
  43. The 12th Imam’s mother was bought from the slave market of the Christians by instructions of Imam Naqi (a.s), – The 10th Imam.
  44. She testified to Islam at the hands of Imam Naqi (a.s)
  45. Imam Naqi (a.s) married Bibi Narjis Khatoon to his son, Hassan Al Askari (a.s). She was to become the mother of The Saviour of Mankind-AL MAHDI (atfs).
  46. Imam Askari (a.s) was kept in prison or under house arrest to assure that Imam Mahdi (atfs)’s birth does not take place.
  47. The ruler fears the birth of Al Mahdi (atfs)because Narrations of The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w) both from Sunni and Shia scholars affirm that;
    1. There will be 12 leaders after him.
    2. All these leaders will be from the Quraysh.
    3. The 12th leader will make justice prevail and put an end to oppression.
      So, in order to prevent the 12th leader from being born they kept the 11th imam in the prison.
  48. Imam was born on Friday, 15th of Sha’ ban, in Samarra.
  49. His birth resembled that of Prophet Musa (a.s) as there were no signs of pregnancy in his mother
  50. Bibi Hakima (sister of 10th Imam) was the aunt of the 12th imam.
  51. To protect the 12th Imam (atfs), Imam Hassan Al-Askari (a.s) did not make public, the news concerning the birth of his son.
  52. The majority of the people were unaware of the existence of Imam Mahdi (atfs), Jaffer the brother of Imam Askari (a.s) saw this as a golden opportunity to take up the imamate.
  53. Jaffer was ready to lead Salaatul Mayyit of the martyred Imam when Imam Mahdi (atfs) appeared and commanded him to move aside. People were shocked to see the heir of Imam Askari (a.s). of his father .
  54. Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (atfs) led the funeral prayers (Salaatul Mayyit)
  55. On completion of the salaah, Imam Mahdi (atfs) went behind a curtain that divided the room into two. People followed to be able to see him and converse with him, some to arrest him; all efforts were in vain. He was not to be seen.
  56. After leading the prayers, the 12th Imam (atfs) approached a servant of his father’s named Adyan and asked for a letter that he had. Adyan handed it 4 over (11th Imam had sent Adyan to Baghdad with an errand and asked him to come back with the reply and if he had died to hand it to the one who leads his funeral prayers who would be his successor and Imam of the time). 57.
  57. A group of people from Qum had come to give Khums revenues and they were taken to Ja’far. They asked him to name the didn’t know the amount. They said that the Imam has the amount that they had, because they wanted to test him. Ja’far got angry and said he knowledge of the seen and the unseen. If he didn’t know the amount, then how can he be the imam?? Then they were guided to the Imam (atfs).
  58. Due to Ja’far falsely claiming imamate, he was given the title JA’FAR -AL KADHDHAAB (Ja’far-the liar).
  59. Imam Mahdi (atfs)’s grandmother knew Islamic principles strongly, and so assisted Imam in his mission. She became to be known as JADDAH to all.
  60. The Minor Occultation started from 8th Sha’ban 260 AH.
  61. Imam (atfs) used to have 4 representatives (NUWAB) to do his work in public.
  62. The plural of NAIB IS NUWABS.
  63. The 4 Nuwabs were
    1. Uthman bin Saeed As Samarri – 1st representative.
    2. Muhammad bin Uthman – son of the above.
    3. Husayn Bin Rawh – The representative to whom we entrust our Areeza.
    4. Ali bin Muhammad Samarri, the last representative chosen by The Imam.
  64. This system of communicating with the Ummah through representatives was a medium that was introduced by Imam Sadiq (a.s).
  65. This hiding of True Faith is called TAQIYYA.
  66. “The world subsists due to his existence, due to his blessings, creation is sustained and on account of his existence -the heavens and earth remain intact “these words are mentioned in Dua e Adeelah.
  67. Imam Mahdi (atfs) is from the chain of two firm Beliefs: Islam and Christianity
  68. Bibi Narjis was a descendant of Sham’un – a disciple of of Prophet Isa.
  69. The aunt of the 11th Imam was Bibi Hakima Khatoon (s.a).
  70. The birth of the 12th Imam (a.t.f.s) resembled that Prophet Musa (a.s)
  71. We address the ‘areeza’ to this naaib of the Imam (a.t.f.s)Hussein Bin Rawh
  72. Dajjal will be A deceiver and an imposter
  73. The headquarters of the 12th Imam (a.t.f.s) will be in Kufa
  74. The 12th Imam (a.t.f.s) will establish A Government in The World
  75. Dua Faraj is taught by The 12th Imam (a.t.f.s) himself
  76. This system of communicating with the Ummah through representatives was a medium that was introduced by Imam Sadiq (a.s).
  77. The 12th imam will establish the government in the whole world.
  78. The Duties of the representatives of the imam were
    1. Carry letters/queries from Shias to the Imam
    2. Collect Khums from Shias
    3. Teach Islamic rules to people
    4. Answer people’s questions
    5. Distribute khums amongst those who were deserving
    6. Carry Imam’s messages to Shias.
  79. During this period of Ghaibat Sughra, the representatives continued to carry out their duties, as they were at the time of Imam Askari (a.s). the differences were only ONE special person was selected to represent the Imam (atfs). The Holy Imam (atfs) was seen and was approachable to a few special people. This is when the Imam went into the Minor concealment and appointed representatives (Naibs, Safirs …… ).
  80. Imam responded to requests through representatives by word or signed notes known as “Tawqi”. His handwriting was well known.
  81. The word GHAIBAT means occultation.
  82. Ghaibate sugra started from 260 AH to 328AH
  83. Ghaibate kubra started cobra in the year 328 AH and is continuing date.
  84. There are certain deeds to be performed in order to be able to see the Imam for example
    1. 40 Tuesdays in Masjid Sahla nights
    2. 40 Thursday nights in haram of Imam Husayn (as)
    3. Thursday nights in Masjid Kufa 40
  85. Some special duties of an Imam are:
    1. Defend the faith
    2. Answer questions from scholars
    3. Rectify wrongs of scholars
    4. Help the faithful
    5. Impart information
    6. Guide believers
    7. Impart information
    8. Defend the faith – e.g. Bahrain story of pomegranate and engravings.
    9. Answer questions – e.g., Allama Hilli and the high reward for Al Husayn (as). • Rectify wrongs of scholars – e.g. Allama Hilli and the pregnant woman who had died.
    10. Impart information – e.g., Allama Hilli and reference from Tahzeeb.
    11. Guide believers – e.g., tiny voice in or heads telling us what to do.
    12. Help the faithful e.g., are numerous
    13. Be aware of the ummah – e.g., content of letter to Sheikh Al Mufeed.
  86. Imam is known to meet a believer on 3 occasions:
    1. At the time of trouble.
    2. He is present at every Hajj.
    3. He attends the funeral of every believer who pending on him/her e.g. Khums, Salaah, Fasting
  87. Our duties during the ghaibah are
    1. Assist him in his work – See what needs to be done to maintain and spread the religion, and put in all your efforts to do that. ‘
    2. Acquire knowledge, which will enable you to discern the Right from the Wrong.
    3. Do not have attachments for the worldly affairs as this makes you lose focus.
    4. Make him (atfs) a link between you and Allah (s.w.t) as he is the Imam of your Time.
    5. When you say something to him, mean it. When you say SALAAM- meaning PEACE, offer him nothing but PEACE in all areas, your words, actions, gestures, etc.
    6. Respect him at all times; Rise, bow, recite salawat and place your right hand on your head when his name is mentioned.
    7. Dedicate your mustahab deeds to him
    8. Do your wajib acts at primary time for the pleasure of Allah (s.w.t) and for his (atfs) pleasure.
  88. condition at the time of dhuhoor are:
    1.  One will be jealous of one’s own brother
    2. Partners will misappropriate against one another.
    3. Mosques will echo the sound of adhan but hearts will be empty of faith.
    4. A mu’min will be considered a lowly person whereas a Kafir will be considered respectable.
    5. People of injustice will score victory over people of justice.
    6. People will acquire religious knowledge only to acquire worldly gains.
    7. Adultery will become prevalent.
    8. Backbiting and slandering will become common.
    9. People will construct tall structures.
    10. Giving and taking interest will become common in business dealings.
    11. Wicked people will be praised and none will oppose them.
    12. People will become busy in acquiring worldly possessions and will not care for religion.
    13. People will lie to each other in conversations.
    14. A neighbour will get happiness in hurting a neighbour.
    15. Bribery will become a tool to gain favour with government servants.
    16. Shamelessness and vanity will take place of modesty.
    17. Despite immense riches people will dislike giving to the poor.
    18. Religious knowledge will have no value and Islam will remain in name only.
    19. False evidence will be accepted in courts.
    20. Wealth and not piety will become the mark of respect.
  89. What are the definite signs?
    1. Sufyani
    2. Dajjal
    3. Yamani
    4. Khurasani