Sha’ban Quiz

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Rules for the Quiz

  1. The questions asked in the LIVE ON-LINE QUIZ will all be from the facts & Questions provided below. (Please scroll down)
  2. The Organisers have tried their level best for ensuring the accuracy of the information, however in case of any discrepancy, please do let us know. The Quiz answers will be considered correct as provided.
  3. Participation is open to all.
  4. The Organisers encourage to study as family, any member of the family can get involved while answering.
  5. There shall be a maximum of 20 WINNERS.
  6. Total Cash Prizes of TZ Shs 1,000,000/= to be WON.
  7. All participants are required to register to be eligible for the cash prize, on spot participation will NOT be eligible for the CASH prizes.
  8. The Cash prizes is only for KSIJ Dar es Salaam Residents.
  9. The Cash Prize will be eligible per family only
  10. LIVE Online Quiz will be held on Sunday 11th April 2021 at 9:00 pm. Online Live Quiz will be using
  11. We shall use new Kahoot option, participants will be able to see the Questions and Options on their Screens, KSIJ Media will use Broadcast – Leaderboard & those wishing to see questions also.
  12. Kahoot! Game pin will be shared on the day of quiz 10 mins before the quiz, via KSIJ YouTube channel.


Holy Quran

  1. Sūrah Al-Yā Sīn is called, “The heart” of the Holy Quran.
  2. Allah (SwT) swears on the book that is full of wisdom. (qur’an al hakeem) because it has
    1. (a) Laws
    2. (b) Evidence
    3. (c) Parables
  3. The term “Innaka La’ Minal Mursaleen” means, ‘You are from among the messengers.
  4. The arabic word ”qamar” means moon.
  5. Surah tul Fateha was the first surah that was revealed in its complete form.
  6. The word “abd” mentioned in the Quran means
    1. (a) Slave and worship
    2. (b) Servitude
    3. (c) Submission
  7. The longest verse of the Holy Quran is in Surah Baqarah chapter no 2.
  8. In Verse 10 of Surah Baqarah “disease of the heart” implies
    1. Jealousy
    2. Hypocrisy
    3. Grudge
  9. A breaker of blood relationship will not enter the paradise.
  10. Shaitan did not prostate to Adam(as) because He was arrogant.
  11. People/nations who have false hopes about the day of judgement, tend to follow their hopes and desires and leave the right path.
  12. Allah(swt) does not need a partner because He is complete in His being and attributes and is All powerful.
  13. The significance of Prophet Ibrahim’s prayers is that He prayed for the generations to come
  14. A man can become a prophet by Receiving the special grace from Allah(swt).
  15. “jaahil” is someone who Lives in a state of unawareness.
  16. Ramadhan is the only month mentioned in the Holy Quran.
  17. Surah Fatiha is also known as Umm ul kitab.
  18. The attribute of Allah (SWT) mentioned in the first verse of Surah Jumuah are:
    1. Azeez
    2. Hakeeem
    3. Quddus
  19. There are five awakening oaths are there is the beginning of Surah Fajr.
  20. The word “TAGHABUN” is mentioned only once in the holy Quran.