World Federation president, Alhajj Dr. Asgher Moledina visits Dar-es-salaam

On Tuesday, 11th February, the president of the World Federation Alhajj Dr. Asgher Moledina visited the facilities of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat with their president, Alhajj Shiraz Bhai Walji.

On a whirlwind tour, the delegation first visited the Autistic center operated by the Central Board of Education (CBE). Currently there are 40 students enrolled and a waiting list of 15 additional students. The delegation had a discussion with Dr. Nafisa who trains the teachers and counsels the parents on the requirements of special needs children. There is a huge demand for approximately 200 children and adequate resources will be required including property expansion, special needs teachers and other resources.

The delegation proceeded to view the newly opened grand swimming pool at the Al-Muntazir grounds. Dr. Moledina was impressed at the grandeur of the swimming pool and was pleased with the result of the part donation of WF funds of $50,000 and felt that it was well spent.


Alongside the swimming pool is a huge plot that is earmarked for the upcoming recreation center that will have multiple indoor sporting facilities. The WF has pledged an additional $50,000 towards this project. A drive is in motion to collect funds for this ambitious project.

The Al-Muntazir complex which educates 4200 students was then toured by the delegation followed by the afternoon prayers.


The delegation then proceeded to the newly renovated Ebrahim Haji Hospital. This was followed by a tour of the newly purchased old people’s home that the WF has donated a $100,000 towards.

The delegation was then shown the Uhuru project site where the old building was recently demolished to make way for a 15 floor apartment complex, complete with parking spaces and a mini mall at the ground floor.

Dr. Moledina was then given a tour of the Amersi Mawji building complex, another 15 floor apartment building that has recently been completed to accommodate members of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat.

Finally Dr. Moledina was given tour of the A3 institution for higher learning which has recently been granted ISO 9001 certification.. The delegation was briefed on the courses offered by the A3 which includes but not limited to education, Nursing and allied services, Journalism and Media services and other short courses. The vision for building  a university to serve the higher education needs was discussed.


Dr. Moledina was appreciative of the efforts of the KSIJ Dar to accomplish so many developments to progress the well-being of its members. Dr. Moledina has also pledged a concerted effort to raise funds for the remaining projects.


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  1. Sk
    Sk says:

    Honestly current president regime has done a few things. Although we are humans and would expect more. Reason to highlight the below is not to brand Shiraz walji as a bad president, but rather to put emphasis on new president to not repeat such deadly mistakes.

    Now that his term is coming to an end, he has very little remaining:
    I consider following his projects:
    – swimming pool… Good idea. Made very well. Beacon of dar, will last another 50 years still being dar’s top pools
    – hayaat gym… Very nice idea. Brings the youths to the mosque …. Keeps them bonded to each other creating unity

    These were two projects that he has undertaken.
    – the juma haji building project was opened by him by project was started by his predecessor
    -same as for the other housing project

    While gym and pool are projects, one must realize they are not large projects. They are not projects we can bank on, they are projects which could still be undertaken while putting their fingers on more critical projects.

    Whoever comes as a new president, please cater to a few things:
    – housing
    – university

    The donators are there. It is how you convince the,.

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