Wednesday 6 December 2023 | 22 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Constitutional Review

The Constitutional Review Committee of the KSI Jamaat consists of the following members:

Br. Mumtazhussein Alloo – Chairman

Br. Fazleabbas Dhirani – Member

Br. Gulamhussein Hasham – Member

Br. Husseinali Rajani – Member

Br. Imran Sherally – Member

Br. Mohammed Dhirani – Member

Br. Mohammed Nathoo – Member

Br. Mohammedtaki Esmail – Member

Br. Salim Panjwani – Member

Br. Samir Habib – Member

KSIJ MC Representative – Member

KSIJ MC Representative – Member

An open forum was conducted on Sunday, 10th February 2013 in the Imambarghah to discuss the constitutional review with members of the community.

For your copy of the constitution click on the link below.

Dsm Constitution