3C Overview

The 3C is a collection of initiatives under the KSIJ that is created by the Careers, Counselling and Capability Sub Committee. This Encompasses 3 initiatives which include CARE Space (carespace.ksij) that focuses on enhancing community wellbeing a step at a time, CORE Learning (corelearning.ksij)  that seeks to nurture lifelong learning through skills transfer so that you can become a better you, and CAREERS Hub (careershub.ksij), which offers university and career related opportunities and guidance.



CARE Space made its debut on Social Media channels through a doodle video introducing the CARE initiative and what it will entail.

Introducing Campaign 1: Mental Health Exists 

WHAT is Mental Health

Thereafter Campaign 1: Mental Health Exists was introduced, and kicked off through a video explaining WHAT Mental Health is, featuring psychologist Karima Hirji in a mix of English, Kiswahili and Gujrati. This was accompanied by a Mindful Monday post, just as all our main content are, looking at what Mental Heath IS Vs. What it is NOT.

Mental Health EXPLAINED

This month, Campaign 1 continued, diving into more detailed themes under Mental Health, one being Mental Health EXPLAINED. This was communicated through a Carousel which highlights possible indicators of poor Mental Health (emotional, physical and behavioural), as well as steps that can be taken towards good Mental Health. The accompanying Mindful Monday looked at why we should CARE about Mental Health.

The STIGMA around Mental Health

The next theme was the STIGMA around Mental Health – this was conveyed through an experiment where people were asked to respond to stigmatizing comments about those with Mental Health illnesses – these on-the-spot reactions were videoed and featured the 3 different languages. The Mindful Monday to follow presented correct/incorrect Mental Health language.

Islamic Perspective on Mental Health

The Islamic Perspective on Mental Health was illustrated through a video compilation of prominent Islamic Scholars – the following Mindful Monday featured significant quotes about Mental health by these well-known scholars.

Islamic Perspective – Extended

The Islamic Perspective theme was extended, featuring an exclusive talk with Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani and Fatema Dewji.

Mental Health IN REAL LIFE

The theme of Mental Health In Real Life was covered by Shama Dewji, Shabbir Khalfan and Aliasgher Hassanali, where they shared real-life stories of some of the clients that they had dealt with in their years of experience. The Mindful Monday to compliment this theme featured quotes from prominent figures in the media about their Mental Health

IN CONVERSATION about Mental Health

This theme was presented through a LIVE WEBINAR featuring Psychotherapist Berak Hussain and Farhan Yusuf, who discussed the appropriate steps to take when thinking about starting the dialogue about Mental Health – you can watch the recording of the webinar here:  These steps were then extracted and presented in our following Mindful Monday post.

Displaying the winners and runners up works of the CARE Creative Contest:


Alumni Scheme

The Alumni Scheme which aims to connect University Alumni who attended universities in different countries and pursued different fields to prospective students so that they can be guided through career advice.

After receiving volunteers from above post, a database was created identifying the various countries as well as fields that describe the Alumni’s. The posters below highlight those components and present this resource.

Edifying Series 

Episode 4 of this series featured Mazaher Kassam who shared all there is to know about scholarships.

Fatema Dhanani covered how to best be prepared for University, based on her personal experience.

Career Advice:

In this collection, featuring the series of steps that prospective students should take – the steps following meeting with a careers counsellor was presented.

The benefits of scholarships were explained in this post of this collection

Tips regarding preparation for university were presented through this graphic

This post covers pointers on how to make the best of your university experience.

STEM Careers Conference

This year, CAREERS Hub’s annual careers conference will focus on careers in the STEM Field. The segment brings together multiple professionals from within the STEM field to engage in a discussion around fostering STEM Careers Awareness, hosted by Mohammed Zahir. Tune in to the KSIJ DAR YouTube channel on Friday 9th April at 7:30pm to watch the premiere of the program, where you will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered by the panellists.

Where Should I Study Series

Information was shared by International Student Recruiter Maria, about studying options in Russia.

Operations Manager Donath Adam shares information about the study experience in Turkey.

Haamid Jaffer shared his experience about his student life as well as valuable suggestions for prospective students looking to study in Australia.

Sakina Walji talks about her experience of Studying in the USA based on her experience at Stanford.

Aleeya shares her experience of studying in Ukraine. Get first hand experience about life in one of the most cosmopolitan and growing study sites in the world, from the the courses being offered to the application process, from scholarship options to accommodation and housing, and much more!

Visionary Series

This series is one that aims to highlight the profile of successful personalities. The one released at this time featured Fatema Dewji, Marketing Director at MeTL.

This visionary series post featured Dr. Shahina, emergency physician by profession and directed of The Awaited Rehab Centre.

In the final episode of the edifying series, get insight on how to make the most of your university experience as Sayyeda Datoo shares her own, including 3 important practices to incorporate during your time at university.


The Launch of the CORE Learning initiative and social media platforms took place through a doodle video highlighting the various elements within the profile including direct training interventions, indirect training interventions and recognition.

Humans of KSIJ

Introducing our Humans of KSIJ series, where we feature an accomplished community member who shares a life lesson that they have learnt through their unique journey, which we can get inspired to implement in ours. Our first episode features Zeenat Esmail, founder of Dar -ul-Muslimeen orphanage, where she shares her lesson of perseverance, and never giving up when faced with challenges.

Skills Cast 

CORE’s first video in the Skills Cast series featured Ms. Fatema Dewji, marketing director at MeTL sharing her personal tips on how to cultivate a Growth Mindset.

This episode of the Skills Cast Series features Tahseen Shariff, educator and counsellor, who shares 3 practical tips on how to stay productive in our everyday lives, which include 1.Prioritizing, 2. Avoiding multi-tasking and 3. Using organizational tools.

Training Highlights

The first training initiative that CORE Learning facilitated was customer care training and skills for the secretariat staff- watch the highlights from the training session.

CAMPAIGN TWO: Mental Health Disorders and Coping Mechanisms 

Introducing the first type of Mental Health Disorder in our Campaign 2, Depression. Through this doodle video learn about the various signs, symptoms and risk factors of depression.

This Mindful Monday honoured Women’s day by acknowledging the unique challenges that Women may experience with their Mental Health, and by letting them know that their experiences make them strong, and that there is hope and support out there to keep them up.

Through this infographic, learn about the various signs, symptoms and risk factors of Anxiety. Stay tuned to our upcoming campaign which will cover a variety of coping mechanisms which can be used to relieve experiences of Anxiety.

Learn more about one of the most common types of Anxiety, Panic Attacks this Mindful Monday through Fatema Dewji’s perspective, as she shares what Panic Attacks can look like, as well as some techniques through which you can support yourself and others.

The Voice of the Community

CORE Learning brings to you the Voice of the Community, a 4-stage public speaking contest for the youth of our community this Ramadhan. Scan the code or visit this link: to apply by the 7th April 2021.

For the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented and experienced speakers from our community through this masterclass, and to be in the running to be pronounced The Voice of the Community, sign up for this 3-stage Public Speaking contest by 7th April 2021.

Training Highlights

This Month, the CORE team delivered a training session to the Secretariat staff at Al-Muntazir which focused on Customer Service skills. In this video, catch the highlights from the interactive training session, as well as testimonials from some of the participants.