Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Juloos 1445

Juloos 1445

When we embark on Juloos, we are walking in memory of the day of Ashura. This day teaches us universal values which we wish to share with the wider community. The simple but weighty motto of enjoining good and forbidding evil. A motto that is relevant to us all, regardless of race or religion. A motto that extends beyond borders and differences, because we believe the Holy Prophet’s Grandson, Imam Hussain stood for the whole of humanity. During Juloos, we are representatives of that very same motto; let us ensure we uphold the legacy of Imam Hussain with honour and grace.

28 July 2023
9 Muharram 1445

Starting from Mehfile Abbas (a.s) at 4 pm


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