Saturday 2 December 2023 | 18 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Muharram In Dar Es Salaam

After an absence of 5 long years spent abroad, I was able to commemorate Muharram in my hometown of Dar es Salaam once again. This time, I was accompanied by my two sons, and the resonance of the experience left an indelible mark on our souls. Each corner of the city seemed to exude a distinctive essence, and the heart of it all was the Dar Mosque – a veritable city within a city.

The mosque, along with its encompassing environs leading to the Kerbala project, was enrobed in solemn black. Adorned with poignant slogans of Ashura and the profound teachings of the Prophet and the Imams, the atmosphere was one of reverence. The area was punctuated with mawkebs, emitting the soul-stirring melodies of nauhas and latmiyas, evoking a haunting semblance to the ambiance of Arbaeen in Iraq.

Within the mosque and the mehfil e Abbas, numerous Majalis unfolded in succession, like chapters of a sacred saga. Mourners flowed ceaselessly, drawn by an unyielding spiritual magnetism. The resolute presence of youthful volunteers outside the mosque and the Kerbala project bestowed an added vitality, as Shia brethren converged with unwavering unity to honor the memory of Aba Abdillah.

Through diligent Tabligh endeavors, three erudite scholars were summoned to eloquently address the multilingual audience. Attendees were presented with a choice, immersing themselves in the language that resonated deepest within their hearts – be it English, Urdu, or Gujrati. The Majalis were further elevated by the mellifluous intonations of nawhas, followed by the poignant tradition of saff maatam. The ninth day unfurled as a culmination, unfurling a magnificent Juloos procession that traversed the city’s thoroughfares, a tangible embodiment of devotion and solemnity.

In this sacred tapestry of time, Muharram in Dar es Salaam unfurled its profound gravity, etching an experience that transcended the mundane and beckoned the spirit to commune with sacrifice, unity, and the eternal legacy of Aba Abdillah.
-Zishan Somji