Saturday 2 December 2023 | 18 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Ladies Managing Committee

The Holy month has been a spiritually uplifting one Alhamdulillah. We had lots of activities at the Imambargah, objective being to gain as much as reward during this month by either reciting/reflecting on a few verses from the Holy book or contemplating how to become better Muslims. On the Ladies side, the activities that took place through the entire month were Darsa (Holy Quran recitation), Quran Journaling and MOMtivation.


It’s said to us, “And We sent down the Holy Quran, that which is a healing and mercy for those who believe.(17:82) We had 5 benches, each completed one whole Quran making it a total of 5 Holy Qurans. May Allah (swt) reward the teachers, volunteers and each one of you who took part in reciting even one verse sincerely, Ameen.


This was another activity beautifully hosted by Our Resident Aalima Urooj Zahra. She facilitated enlightening Tafseer discussions starting with Surah Baqarah verses 183-185 to understand the significance of fasting in the Holy month and that it is a blessing and gift from Allah (swt).

Some other topics discussed were:

Filthy traits and practical solutions according to Ahlulbayt to get rid of these (Surah Hujarat, Verse 12).

  1. Allah’s signs in Universe and scientific miracles of the Holy Quran (Surah Yaseen, Verse 39).
  2. Seals over our hearts (Surah Baqarah, Verse 7).
  3. Attributes of Ibad’-ar Rahman (Slaves of the Most Beneficent, Surah Furqan, Verse 75).
  4. Difficult phases of life and defeat in context of Battle of Uhud (Surah Ale Imran, Verse 139-140).
  5. Importance of Hijab, an expression of recognition and dignity (Surah Noor, Verse 31).
  6. Dependence of mankind on Allah (swt), from Ayatul Kursi

DAILY MOMtivation:

A circle where moms sat down to discuss some issues while kids were away at the Madrasah workshop. In today’s day and age, raising children has to come with its own strategies. Parenting is so tricky that it helps to sit down, reflect and contemplate better ways of parenting. As Imam Ali (as) rightly said, Do not raise your children as your parents raised you; they were born for a different time.”