Friday 1 December 2023 | 17 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Hayaat Fitness Centre

What is it and what services we provide?

It’s been over 12 years since the fitness centre was introduced in our community; Alhamdulillah, we have received a tremendous response ever since. There were moments when we were short on members, but as time passed, the community’s awareness on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle grew, which also includes exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet.

Earlier, the senior citizens in our community had a completely different mind-set about this facility, believing that it was only  a gym that only body builders could use. However, with time and effort, we were able to bring awareness to them that this facility is for all types of exercises and can be used by all age groups, including men, women, seniors, and the next generation. By scheduling their workouts at our FITNESS CENTRE, everyone can adopt a healthy lifestyle.

What do we have?

Whatever strength sport members are training for, we have them all covered with our variety of incredible equipment, which we have recently installed to our facilities. Treadmills, elliptical, and other cardio equipment are also available at our facility in addition to weight lifting equipment. Our well experienced trainers also lead fitness courses that can aid you in losing weight and developing a flexible body.

We have a Recreational Centre on the 4th floor whereby we have a badminton court, table tennis, pool(snooker), mini badminton court for kids and a studio room which are utilized on various occasions such as madressa, fun nights, kids camps and motivational talks.

We have introduced 3 pickleball courts since 2018 and also to be the first ones to start this sport in Tanzania which has caught eyes of many others who also relaunched this sport and it has become very popular in the country in today’s time. Pickleball has given us tremendous results and collections both for ladies and gents. We have held a lot of internal tournaments during Ramadan nights. As a result of our regular players competing locally and winning trophies as well as representing Tanzania(KSIJ dar team) in the East African Pickleball Tournament which took place in Nairobi for which our players Br. Husayn Dewji & Mohammed Chandoo won the 1st position in doubles beating all other countries.

 Future Goals:
Our 4 players are going to participate in India for an upcoming pickle-ball tournament representing the KSIJ – H.F.C & U.S.C taking place from 28th Sep to 1st Oct ’23, our representatives are Br. Hussein Dewji, Br. Mohammed Chandoo, Br. Shakir Kassam & Br. Kazim Bandali. We are now recognized internationally as well, with this the sport will grow bigger in our community in the near future.
Furthermore, the Hayaat Fitness Centre now offers pickleball and badminton for women twice a week during the evening hours, which has increased awareness of these sports among the ladies in our community.
As the need for courts grows over time, we will soon renovate them and bring them up to international standards.

How many members do we have?

We have a rough estimated statics for both Gents and Ladies utilizing the Gym, Badminton court, and pickleball courts as mentioned below;

》 Monthly Membership Renew: 193 

》New Members Joining: 133

》Day Passes: 140

》Pickleball Court Bookings: 120 / 150 times by groups 

》Monthly Membership Renewals: 50 

》New Members Joining: 27

》Day Passes: 58

》Badminton Day Passes: 95

》Morning sessions given by our female trainer include 10 to 15 members every day.