Saturday 10 June 2023 | 21 Dhul Qidah 1444 AH

Community Education – Annual Internship Programme 

The Education Board under the leadership of Al Haj Sadiq Bhai Datoo introduced the Community Education portfolio which focuses on supporting and nurturing a culture of learning across all age groups in the community. As part of the Community Education portfolio, the focus is on supporting the community, both young and old in pursuit of knowledge and building skill sets relevant to today’s fast changing world. As part of this objective, one of its sub-sections, Careers Hub hosted the annual Summer Internship program in July, in partnership with 17 organizations. A total of 40 interns participated in the program, which was designed to provide hands-on work experience and help students gain clarity on their career paths. The program culminated in a graduation ceremony to honor the interns’ hard work and accomplishments, as well as to express gratitude to the participating organizations for their continued support.


“The favorite part probably for me was seeing the work that I did in the company actually have an impact and it was very empowering. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I advise everyone, if there is a chance next year, sign up for it because it is really worth it.” – Haani Rajani (MeTL)

“Having to teach there brought a lot of ideas and made me sure of the pathway I wanted to talk. I was able to turn my passion for teaching into my profession and it really brought more insight about the career I want to take. I would like to thank Careers Hub for giving me this opportunity and would definitely recommend it to all.” – Sumayya Manji (Al Muntazir Islamic International School)

Standing left to right: Aliakber Panjwani, Shoukatali Dhirani, Mehdi Sheriff, Alihussein Somji, Hasnein Ismail, Moiz Abdullah, Ali Nathoo, Arif Okera, Sajjad Virjee, Aasim Haji, Hassan Versi, Hasan Dewji (Facilitator), Mazaher Kassam (Co-facilitator)
Seated left to right
: Qamarabbas Bandali, Jabir Nadeem, Husayn Moledina, Aliasgher Walji, Haani Rajani, Fazalabbas Habib, Kumail Walji, Ali Sameer Mohammed

From left To Right: Saamiya Jaffer, Sumayyah Manji, Alisha Esmail, Zahra Jaffer, Mardhiyah Merali, Konain Punjani, Mohaddesafatima Bhimani, Shifaali Nazimraza Sayyed
Rija Fatima Virani, Sakina Hussein Rattansi, Asiya Dhala, Ummulbanin Mahershah, Zahida Hasnain Gulamhussein, Kulsum Rashid Shivji
Not in the picture: Fatemasughra Moledina, Zainab Mussa, Zainab Jeraj, Aatiqa Alidina, Fatema Dewji, Sakeenah Dewji

Program Sponsor:
21st Century Food and Packaging Ltd., Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary, Apollo, Beyconsult Ltd
Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre, Fikrafya, Golden Coach/Fleet Ltd, Integral Medicine Clinic LTD, MO Assurance Company Ltd, Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd, Red Dot Distribution, Remote Resources, Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital, Spark Networking, Swiss Pearl International Ltd, Tiba Healthcare Ltd, KSI Jamaat DSM

Champions Of The Community Awards

The Education Board presented the Champions of the Community Awards in November 2021 and 2022 to recognize and honor members who achieved academic excellence. The aim of this initiative is to recognize our talents, inspire and motivate the rest of the community to strive for similar achievements.

List of Winner Names and Categories

O Levels 2021

Student nameRank
Fatima Kermalli3
Siddiqa Sibtain Mohammadali3
Sakeenah Jusab3
Salmaan Shariff2
Sania Sameerali Virani1

A Levels 2021

Student NameRank
Zamina Hussein Dhalla3
Sibtein Shaheedabbas Fazal3
Sukaina Kamarabbas Hemani3
Muhammadjawad Kazim Dhalla2
Fatemahzahra Mahmood Moorji1

Undergraduate Level 2021

Student NameRank
Dr. Tatheer S. Sachedina3
Sayyeda Meghji2
Dr. Fatemazehra Haider Rajpar1

Postgraduate Level 2021

Student NameRank
Kassim Bharwani3
Maitham Mahmood Rajvani3
Fatema E. Abbas Rehman2
Zainab Karim Manji1

O Levels 2022

Student nameRank
Salman Mohammed Yaseen Sulaiman3
Aasiya Dhala3
Sakina Jaffer Raza3
Sajjad Ahmed Virjee2
Maryam Dhalla1

A Levels 2022

Student NameRank
Alina Shazeed Shroff3
Siddiqa Akber Manji3
Aliasgher MohammedRaza Nagji2
Husayn Moledina1

Undergraduate Levels 2022

Student NameRank
Aliya Akil Hirji3
Abbasali Samir Habib3
Dr. Sabreen Dilawar Dhalla2
Abid Ladha1

Postgraduate Level 2022

Student NameRank
Hamida Mussa3
Samana Khimji3
Dr. Fatimazahra Moledina2
Dr.  Mohamed Zahir Alimohamed1

Adult Category

Shaherbanu Esmail
Zainab Mahmood Walji
Mustafa Jacksi
Fatima Datoo

Professional Category

Dr. Ali Hassan Khatau
Zahra Mulaba Saleh Lulat
Faiz Gulam Shivji
MohammedZameen Nazarali

Career Planning And Success Module For HMBS Class 11

The Education Board and Tabligh Board have a collaborative relationship with a shared goal to provide a holistic and an integrated approach to education and learning. To achieve this objective, a Career Planning and Success module was conducted for the Class 11 boys of the Husayni Madressa. The module covered three crucial phases of career planning, including reflection, exploration, and planning, and emphasized the development of soft skills such as time management, goal setting, and communication.


“I came into this class not knowing what I want to do in my career and this class helped me match my interests and strong points to what career I want to do and has pointed me in some sort of a direction with what I want to pursue in my career. Overall I would rate this course a 10/10 and would encourage all those who have an opportunity to take this course because this is an opportunity you definitely do not want to miss.” – Mehdi Riyaz Sheriff


The Education Board under its sub-section, Community Education further supported the Tabligh Board by conducting training sessions for Teaching Assistant for both Husayni Madressa Boys and the Girls Section. The training centered around Effective Communication Skills and managing different types of children with different learning styles. These sessions involved interactive activities and real-life case scenarios.

The Education Board further delivered two training sessions for the nursing staff at Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre under the Central Medical Board. The sessions  included understanding the job role, impact on the community and motivations to further improve the quality of healthcare service.

The training sessions were facilitated by Brother Hassan Dewji – Core Learning.

Voice Of The Community

The Community Education under the Education Board conducted the Voice of the Community – 2022 which aims at enhancing the public speaking skills and boosting confidence of both boys and girls in the community. It also provided a platform for participants to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and encourage each other to continually improve their speaking abilities. The competition consisted of four challenging rounds, and we are pleased to announce the Finalists and Winners of the Voice of the Community for the year 2022

List of Winners and Finalists:

13 – 19 Years Category




20 – 35 Years Category