Portray one of these verses of the Qur’an relating to “Regret” and “Oh I Wish” in an artistic manner.

  • I Wish I Had Offered Something For My ( Real) Life (89: 24)
  • I Wish I Had Not Been Given My Book Of Deeds (69: 25)
  • I Wish I Had Not Taken So And So As A Friend (25:28)
  • I Wish I Had Followed The Way Of The Messenger (25:27)
  • I Wish I Were With Them So I Could Have Avhieved A Great Success (4:73)
  • I Wish I Had Not Ascribed Partners To Allah (18:42)
  • I Wish We Obeyed Allah And His Messenger (33:66)
  • I Wish We Were Sent Back To The World . Then We Will Not Deny The Signs Of Our Lord, And We Will Be Amongst The Failthul (6:27)
  • I Wish I Were Soil! (78:40)

Preferred translation ( Ali Quli Qarai)
Preferred tafseer ( Enlightening commentary)

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Organised by Qur’an Drive Committee (under Tabligh Board – KSIJ Dar).

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Deadline for Submission: 27th Zilhajj 1442 AH / 6th August 2021

Below 10 years

Design a hand-made (non-digital) weekly calendar that inspires one to perform one act everyday to avoid regret based on the verses given below.

10 – 16 years

Design a poster (digital) featuring one verse from the ones given below. Include atleast three reflection points from the verse. Connecting the verse to Imam Hussain (as) and his mission will gain bonus points.

Above 16 years

Record a 2-3 minute video clip explaining one or two verses (from the ones given below) and giving practical points for implementation in daily life.

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