Mataka Housing Project

Mataka Housing Project in West Upanga, near fire brigade and Jangwani Secondary School is now ready for completion. The housing project located on Mataka Street consists of ground floor of parking slots (22) and 12 floors of apartments and a terrace now under construction.

There are 36 flats altogether, 12 flats of 2 bedrooms and 24 units of 3 bedrooms.

The physical structure is 90% ready with workers now working on the top floor assembling the roof top terrace. Most of the finishing is completed and the project anticipates handing over to begin in as soon as 3 to 4 months from now.

There are still 2 units of 3-bedroom apartment available and 10 units of 2-bedroom apartments for sale.

Update On KSIJ Parkade

The KSIJ Parkade, located on India Street, right behind the mosque, has reached its ninth floor construction. By next month, the entire 10-floor structure will be ready. The finishing will take another year, so the community should be able to utilize these services by early 2014.

The Parkade consists of 8 floors of parking spaces – each floor accommodating approximately 20/22 cars per floor, giving us approximately 160 slots. There will be a basement and the construction committee will decide on the best utilization of that. On the ground floor there are plans for 2 shops, a mega kitchen for the mosque and an elaborate Ghusl Khana. However these are still not definitive plans and are subject to change. The top 2 floors, 9th and 10th floors are dedicated for the Jamaat offices. Designers are still in the planning stages figuring out the best possible layout.

We sent a crew out to get a glimpse of the progress.

Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat Dignitaries Site Visit on Maweni Housing Project

On Sunday the 24th March 2013, the Dar es Salaam KSI Jamaat invited members who were instrumental and played pivotal role in the conception, planning and implementation of this remarkable and impressive 11 storey building comprising of 44 three bedroom flats with the essential amenities provided.

The ceremony commenced with a short speech by the Africa Federation Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi who was also the President of Dar es Salaam KSI Jamaat when the project was launched. Anwarbhai was rightfully delighted in presenting a symbolic Key of the completed building project to the President of Dar es Salaam KSI Jamaat, Alhaj Shiraz Walji, President.
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