MHI Seminars – Session 1

DENGUE – A True Story (by Dr Sibtein Moledina)

Reported by: Aamir Kanji

On the16th of February 2019, Mahdi Health Initiative organized a health seminar on the recently prevalent disease of Dengue. The seminar took place at the Chilli N Spice Multipurpose Hall from 8.00 PM onwards and was attended by 23 people in total.

The session was conducted by one of our renowned specialist physicians, Dr. Sibtain Moledina, who handles Dengue cases on a regular basis in his daily practice. As such, his experience and knowledge are very valuable and we were honored to have him as the speaker for the event.

The purpose of the seminar was to educate the general population on the disease, how it is transmitted, its management, as well as to advise the public on measures of caution and how to prevent the spread of the disease. A special highlight of the session was the section where False Myths regarding Dengue that are practiced in the local community were debunked. One such myth heard a lot is that papaya extracts and papaya leaf juice treats dengue. In reality, it has no effect on the dengue itself. At the end of the seminar, the attendees were given a chance to ask any question they had on the topic to understand the disease further.

Overall the session was very fruitful and the participants felt that they gained a lot from it. Being a prevalent disease presenting in regular outbreaks in Dar-es-salaam, both the speaker as well as the participants felt that the session on Dengue was very useful and a platform where many of the doubts on the topic were cleared.

Health awareness is one of the lead objectives of Mahdi Health Initiative and we will continue to organize similar sessions for the benefit of the community. We encourage more people to continue attending the seminars to know more about our health and the various diseases and disorders that affect our bodies. This will in turn empower us to make healthier choices and take measures to maintain a healthy and disease free lifestyle. We look forward to work with you all in building a self-aware and healthier community.

MHI Seminars – Session 2

On the 3rd of March 2019, Mahdi Health Initiative organized the 3rd and final health seminar for this series. The topic discussed was knee injuries related to sports. The seminar was held on the 1st floor of Chilli and Spice Hall and was attended by 19 participants.

The presentation was done by sister Farzana Hasham, a physiotherapist. As a physiotherapist, she deals with such injuries frequently and plays a crucial role in the recovery of such injuries hence we were privileged to have her as a speaker for the event.

The purpose for the seminar was to educate the population of the common knee injuries, how to prevent them and in case injuries do arise then what steps to take to manage the injuries for a quick and smooth recovery.

The presentation involved the mechanism of injury, symptoms and acute management of common knee injuries in sports. The injuries presented on were Cruciate Ligament injury; meniscal tear; Knee dislocations and fracture.

There was also a demonstration of various ways the thigh muscle ( quadriceps and hamstring) stretches could be done wrong and what was the correct way to be done to prevent the knee injuries.

She also talked about a few myths that are believed by many sportsmen and why they are wrong. Among the myths discussed were:

  • Wearing a knee brace prevents knee injuries
  • Avoid squats as they cause knee injuries
  • Strengthening the quadriceps prevents knee injuries.

At the end of the seminar, the participants were given a chance to ask questions on the topic to clear their doubts.

Overall the session was very interactive and informative. The participants left with important information on prevention and management of acute knee injuries that will help them in their sports training.