Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Ammar Anwarali – Mentor

Ammar was born on the 19th of October 2005 in Dar e Salam, but  now lives in Arusha. He is the second of six children and has finished his O-levels at Jaffery Academy, as well as madrassah.

Currently, he is pursuing his IB diploma at UWCEA Arusha campus. Ammar is taking Biology, Chemistry, Math, French, English, and History. He has yet to decide on his career path among the many aspirations he has.

He is a part of the Youth Development Committee (YDC) in Arusha and assists in organizing various programs for the youth in Arusha, as well as the children in Sunday Boys Majlis (SBM). His involvement expands globally, as he serves as the Arusha male representative for the African Youth Network (AYN).

Ammar has always had a keen interest in social and community work, not only within his own community but also for the Tanzanian people at large. Together with his friends from school, they have initiated a project called The Stains, which aims to remove stigmas surrounding people with HIV/AIDS through the creation of documentaries and art contests. Additionally, he holds a leadership position in a project called Maji Safi, where they have received a grant to produce water filters to purify the water in local areas.

Before attending university, he has participated in camps like Bab Ar Ridha with Sheikh Hasnain Rajabali and another one with Sheikh Azhar Nasser. Ammar has also taken part in multiple AFED Quran competitions. He prefers playing tennis over football and enjoys activities such as cycling, running, and reading.