Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Baqir Canani – Mentor

Baqir Canani is a Pakistani who was born, raised and lives in the UAE. He comes from a family of 5, with 2 older sisters, one of which resides in Dar Es Salam. His Father was born in Iraq and moved to the UAE, his mother was born in Karachi, Pakistan.

He attended one school throughout his entire life which is Pristine Private School, located in Dubai. He has completed his IGCSE’s with outstanding grades, and has just given his AS level exams for 3 subjects; Mathematics, Computer Science and Business. He is going on to complete his final year in the school after which, he has plans to go and study computer science in Canada.

Baqir is an ambitious volunteer who helps the kitchen staff, plays a key role in the AV team, not only as a volunteer but head of the mehfil AV team, also he is involved in certain youth programs where he volunteers to make it a memorable experience for all the attendees. He also teaches Quran during madrassah and Ramadhan Darsa programs in order to pass his knowledge about the rules of recitation to the next generation and develop their skills with knowledge he may not have had at his age.

Baqir covers many interests in sports such as volleyball, football and paddle tennis. He is also trying to develop himself and improve in every aspect whether it be spiritually, physically or based on his knowledge. From a young age, he loves going into the depths of technology, and is currently doing an online course made by Harvard University called CS50x: The introduction to Computer Science in order to increase his knowledge and help him further understand the vast world of computers and upcoming technology.