Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Miqdad Hussein – Mentor

Miqdad Hussein is a determined and ambitious individual born in 2005 in Tanzania. In his family tree, he has two brothers. One of them, a diligent 20-year-old, is currently immersed in his ACCA studies, while the other, a bright young student, is attending grade 9 at Almuntazir School. Miqdad’s father was born in Tanga, and his mother comes from Dar. They have instilled strong values in him.

Miqdad successfully completed his O-level studies, excelling in subjects such as economics, business, physics, chemistry, biology, Kiswahili, English, maths, and geography. His academic prowess and intellectual curiosity set him apart.

Currently, he is passionately pursuing A-levels, focusing on economics, business, and geography. With his dedicated mindset, Miqdad aims to achieve excellence in his chosen fields.

In terms of his involvement in the Jaamat, Miqdad is an active member of the DS Society, where his vibrant personality shines. He holds a significant position in the YCB DS team and takes pride in personally organizing and hosting successful events like the insightful and engaging Wills Workshop.

Miqdad’s enthusiasm for knowledge is not limited to his studies. His hobbies include teaching and learning, showcasing his admirable passion for personal growth. He is particularly fond of exploring the intricacies of Fiqh and the dynamic world of business, always seeking to expand his expertise and broaden his horizons.