Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Day 3 – 10 July 2023 / 22 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH



  • Ammar Anwarali
  • Miqdad Hussein


  • Ahmed Tejani
  • Ali Mahdi Chandoo
  • Hasan Datoo
  • Hassan Somji
  • Jaffer Dhalla
  • Kadhim Hussein
  • Maahir Shariff
  • Mahdi Hussein
  • Zainali Nanji



  • Boiled eggs with bread, butter & jam


  • Spaghetti bolognese


  • Daal & rice


  • Key to Human Perfection
  • Importance of Self Awareness
  • Embracing our Culture & Heritage
  • Concentration in Salaat


  • Trade School
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Kabadi


Group 10
Group 20
Group 30
Group 40

Camper Diary

We started yet another exciting day with classes. One class was taught by Maalim Sajjad Karamsi who taught us about cultures. We learned about the khoja  culture and its’ food, which made us understand our community better.  

The tree house location for classes made us understand things very easily. Maalim Abbas made us take a test on self awareness and a personality test in order to reflect.Maalim Abbas primarily relied on reflection, utilizing Quranic verses to help us comprehend our strengths and areas for improvement.

Trade school was a camp activity that helped us understand how businesses work and we had to be practise it as a game and it involved quick thinking as we bought and sold goods.

Finally, on the shahadat of Muslim ibn Akeel’s sons, there was a majlis program where we and the mentors did saf matam, which was recited by Hadi Yusuf.

Mentor Diary

Mentor Diary – Monday, 10th July 2023

Today was an absolute fun day of excitement for our already developing campers. From the crack of dawn till the shimmering stars filled the night sky, Day 3 will forever be a pivotal moment in their lives.

The day began with our spiritually-filled Fajr Salat at 5:30 followed by a few words of insight by our residential scholar – Shk.Azim Shirazi. As the sun peeked over the horizon, our campers got the chance to experience Yoga and Exercise sessions, channeling their morning energy into breathing and self-control exercises. After a hearty breakfast, we gathered in anticipation of the day’s activities. Our camp mentors, always brimming with enthusiasm, unveiled the day’s schedule that included class sessions and sports. 

Today’s class sessions were divided onto four; an interactive discussion with Shk Shirazi on what it requires to reach Human Pefection, a very interesting discussion on the importance of heritage and how we can embrace our culture with Br.Sajjad Karamsi, a lively activity-based lesson on self-awareness and self-understanding using BMTI’s with Br.Abbas Mulani and lastly a session led by Br.Miqdad Hussein on practical ways of increasing concentration in Salaah.

After Classes, and Salat Dhuhrain – coupled with words of Insight by Shk.Shirazi – students proceeded for a delicious meal to re-energize their thoughtful minds. During this period, mentors had the chance to finalize the Wudhu and Salat Asssessments of Campers that were not tested yet.

While campers expected the afternoon session to be dedicated only towards Sports – our local hosts surprised us with a brilliant and thoutful game of Trade School. Campers thoroughly enjoyed trading while understanding implications of decisions they make. Later, they also had the chance to play basketball, swim and participate in their all-favourite game – Kabadi.

After Salatul Maghribayn, campers were treated with a wholesome nyaz, reminiscent of mosque days—a classic dinner of Rice and Daal. This was followed by Majlis of Farzandane Muslim, prepared and conducted by our very own campers themselves. PDT’s concluded the day with reflections on what we did, what we learned and how we can implement small changes into our lifestyle.

As the night grew darker, campers huddled together to play games while some identified and pointed out constellations of the clear sky. It was a magical moment of awe and wonder, feeling infinitesimally small yet connected to the vast universe.

And now, as I write this, tucked into my sleeping bag with a contented heart, I can’t help but marvel at the adventures our campers have experienced on Day 3. From the thought-provoking lessons to the reflective Trade School to the remembrance of Aba Abdillah, we are making this camp experience truly extraordinary. Tomorrow holds new adventures, and I can hardly wait to see what the coming days have in store for us.


Aliasgher Rajani.




  • Akil Ahmed Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salam Alaykum Hussein,
    How are u doing hope u are well we are missing you but ghasia and zogo has become less at home cause you are not there.
    Please respect your fellow campers and don’t bully anyone.
    Khudafiz TC

  • Fatima Shirazi Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Dear brother Mhd.shirazi,

    Salaam, We hope you are doing good, We are
    glad to see that you are having a bunch of fun hanging out on the resort with your friends😊. Since you’ve gone the house has been so quite.
    I miss getting to annoy you but I’m also relived that I’m not getting annoyed 24/7 😅😂.

    Make sure to enjoy your time in Zanzibar and I’m sure you will have lots to talk about when you get back.

    Lots of love from everyone 💕

    – Fatima Masooma Shirazi

  • Zainab Khaki Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaams Zishanhussein and Hani(and everyone)
    Thank you for sharing the photos and your experiences, seems like you are having a blast…miss you and love you
    See you soon
    Take care

  • Viqarhussein murji Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salam salman murji and to all of you.
    a very big thank you to the organizers,mentors iy seems soo much has already been done in just few days . Pictures says it all
    Mashallah the camp looks exciting and I am sure you all having a wonderful time feeling not to get back home soon…. as mamas duties and chores keeps awaiting back
    salman the house is sooo calm now that the chatterbox is off a while but yea we can’t wait to see you back and to hear all of your amazing stories
    Make the most of it
    We miss you back home
    Viqarhussein and tahera

  • Sakeena, Fatimah and Alijawaad Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaam alaikum bha (Hussein)
    Hope you are well and enjoying your stay.
    We really miss you

  • Ruheeda Issufali Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Assalamun aleikum Imam Mahdi a.t.f’s Soldier and everyone.
    We miss you so much . Today your little brother cried alot he wished to join you there . Thank you Menthors for sharing photos. We missed listening your recitation. I missed to hear manqabat from you but am proud of you being there learning. So enjoy the environment, enjoy learning,enjoy sports ,be happy and smile with everyone. Do not worry at all ,we are all fit and fine Alhamdulillah. We love you .
    I wish You and all Happy Eid Mubahila Mubarak.
    Take care of yourself and of your friends .
    With lots of duas and love
    Mom and Afraz .

  • Ebrahim and sabira Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Assalamun alaykum .how are u all doing this msg is specially for Mohsinali we are missing u Soo much beta was a bit worried but after seeing the pictures I get the feeling of how much are enjoying my son … Get the most of it beta and enjoy your summer camp. Love u always

  • Maalim Hassan Hussein Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaam all campers and organisers,
    Mashallah what a lovely fun and learn experience for the boys…
    A big thumb up to u all..
    May Allah gives back , more and more for such a dedication to serve our youths…
    Takabballah inshallah

  • Shafana jessa Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Dear mentors

    You have now passed the half way mark with the campers. You must know our children really well by now! I wanted to take this time to really from the bottom of my heart thank you all for the hard work you’ve put into the kids so far. You dedication and care is visible from the smiles in the photos, and also show mentors are always surround by the campers and that is such a good sign.

    It’s really hard work being a mentor but know that it’s worth it. You are part of these campers lives now and imprinted in their memories. You may not notice the impact you have but I’m sure all the campers will tell you how much they appreciate you, and will continue to appreciate you for years to come.

    As a parent the only thing we can do is pray for you all, it is not much but know how grateful we as parents are to you all.

    Thank you for looking after our bachas. We look forward to seeing you all soon and hearing all the stories!

  • Zaheer Abbas Hemani Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Dear Alizain

    Wishing you a joyous Eid e Mubahila during your summer camp. We hope you’re having a wonderful time. Your little brother, who is 4 years old, and we all miss you dearly. Enjoy the camp, make lasting memories, and know that our love and thoughts are with you.

    A big thank you for the volunters Jazak’Allah kheir.

  • Kazim Dhalla Thursday 13 July 2023 | 25 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salamun Alaykum
    Dear sons and mentors.
    I can see you are all having lots of fun while learning new skills. Make the most of this time and realize that a lot of work and efforts have gone in arranging this amazing camp. On behalf of the KSIJ Dar Tabligh board I thank you all for taking part in this life changing experience. Our utmost gratitude, appreciation and duas to the organizers specifically Br. Sadiq Datoo and his team, Sh. Ali Azim Shirazi, Sh. Zishan Somji and all the speakers and lecturers. JAZAKUMULLAH KHAYRAL JAZAA. May Allah SWT Reward you all abundantly. See you all soon InshaAllah

  • Hassan and Sayyada Mawji Thursday 13 July 2023 | 25 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaam alaikum Hussein Mawji
    Hope you are well and enjoying all the fun activities especially the sports.
    It felt so good to see your smile.
    Eid Mubarak to you
    We love and miss you

  • Murtaza Chagani Thursday 13 July 2023 | 25 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaam, Organising Team. Ahsant really appreciate for very well organised camp May God Bless you all.
    Hussein hope you are enjoying, we truly miss you, expecting to see u soon with good experience of life time and unforgettable memories.

  • Aaminah Sheriff Thursday 13 July 2023 | 25 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    salaam alaykum, Ali, and Khalil, hope you both are doing well and enjoying yourselves to the maximum. make the most of it, we miss you guys, the house is sooooo quiet without you both, the picture really shows how much fun you guys are having compared to us at home, if you have an empty notebook with you, you can journal down your remaining days of how the days are. we miss you a lot. Can’t wait to see you all and exchange our independence adventure, Mahdi and Sajjad keep on remembering you, Ali and Khalil. hope you are having fun <3. we are hoping to see you on Tuesday, Inshallah. Be back soon. – Aaminah Sheriff

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