Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Day 2 – 09 July 2023 / 21 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH



  • Abbas Mulani
  • Baqir Canani


  • Abbas Somji
  • Ali Sheriff
  • Ayaanali Mahdi Khalfan
  • Hussein Rashid
  • Mohammed Shirazi
  • Muhammad Abdulrasul
  • Subhaan Ganji
  • Zain Raza
  • Zishan Shivji



  • Omelette Sandwiches


  • Chicken & Chips


  • Pizza & Pineapple Custard Crumble


  • Where does chocolate come from?
  • The Purpose of Religon
  • Managing Stress


  • Football
  • Perfect Square
  • Pool Volleyball
  • Ultimate Frisbee


Group 10
Group 20
Group 30
Group 40

Camper Diary

Today, everyone was excited about the first day of camp and in fact some kids woke up half an hour before fajr. The first  event of the day was the fajr namaz led by Sheikh Shirazi. The cool sea breeze and the sounds of crashing waves connected us to the nature. Wee had a short reflection by Sheikh Shirazi regarding day and night. After namaz we had an intense workout which was by led by Shan Ali, the camp coordinator. We had an amazing breakfast with omelettes and tea. 

One of the sessions today was a pizza oven session whereby we went to make a clay pizza oven. We then freshened up and our other sessions began. We had a  permaculture event in which we saw rabbits, chickens and maggots. Permaculture teaches us that nothing is waste; everything recycles well. Here, we learned that you where you are what you eat. The sessions by Sheikh Shirazi and Sheikh Zishan were informative and included learning both m along with stress management. We learned where  chocolate comes from and had an amazing session with having coconut ice cream which was self-made and purely organic. 

We then moved over to sports where we played tug of war, kabaddi and football, where we learned more about the basics of football and learning 3 touch. We also had reflections after each namaaz which allowed us to learn more about namaaz. 

We had pizza for dinner which was amazing to eat and we also had chicken and fries during lunch. The juice was hibiscus and ubuyu. We had riddles and questions which included interactive sessions and team management. We all learned how to manage ourselves and learned many more thing.

Mentor Diary

Mentor Diary – Sunday, 9th July 

Today was a day full of action, bonding and fun. Ironically, the campers were the first ones up and ended up waking up the mentors instead! By 5.30, everyone was awake and in wudhu. We prayed our first fajr jamaah salaah together and we’re blessed with the opportunity to see the sky change colors as the sun rose. Sheikh Shirazi gave us a small but enlightening talk afterwards. He left us to ponder about how our difficulties in life can often put us down: however, in then end, the difficulties  help us grow into better human beings, much like how a seedling may sprout into a beautiful plant. 

Before we started heading towards breakfast, we went over the basic schedule of our day & some of the expectations we have of the campers. Every element has been divided into 2 rooms of 5 campers; and it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep their room neat and tidy. Also, each element will get a chance to serve the other campers their meals to practice and inculcate a sense of brotherhood and community. 

After having a filling breakfast, the campers split into different classes. Today, we had a thought provoking session with Sheikh Shirazi about understanding the purpose of our religion on this earth, a interesting discussion about stress management with Sheikh Zishan, and a inviting class with the campsite about how chocolate is made through permaculture. The campers were exposed to a variety of new information, learning the importance of soil for our food systems, and how everything can be interconnected with the environment. 

After a filling lunch, we began conducting salaah assessments for the campers to help them develop confidence in praying their salaah in the correct manner. 

After this, the fun filled sports afternoon commenced! There were many favourites to be played such as football and pool volleyball, but the campers were also introduced to new games like perfect square, freeze frame and kabaddi! It was an exhausting afternoon filled with laughter, joy and excitement. 

After praying our Maghrib and reflecting on the days activities, we headed down to dinner followed by element group time! This is where mentors and their campers have the opportunity to catch up for the day, get feedback, play games and bond with each other. We had a fun arm wrestling competition at the end too.

Before finishing off the day, we met together one last time for Personal Development Time (PDT). The campers played a game where only one person could talk at a time, and were tasked with organizing themselves according to age. There were many fun moments where campers tried to communicate using hand gestures or talking over each other. Amidst the chaos, they managed to do very well and had a great time too. With dessert in hand, we finished reflecting for the day and headed off to bed. 

We’re looking forward to the rest of the trip!

Salmaan Shariff




  • Shafana Jessa Monday 10 July 2023 | 22 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salams kiddos!

    Hope you guys are having fun! I’ve looked through the pictures and it looks like a beautiful campsite filled with lots of activities.

    I just got back home today. The house was so quiet! I miss you boys a lot and I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I miss your masti too!

    You guys learnt where chocolate comes from! How interesting! I can’t wait for you to come home and write about it 😀

    I really hope you are having fun and not giving your mentors tooo much of a hard time, a little bit is ok!

    Looking forward to hearing all the stories when you come back


  • Mohammad and Fatema Jetha Monday 10 July 2023 | 22 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaam Salmaan and Maahir (and everyone else)!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and pictures with us – it looks like you’re having so much fun and learning so much at the same time. Enjoy these moments and make lots of memories! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you are back.
    Miss you and love you both!

  • Hassan mawji Monday 10 July 2023 | 22 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Dear Hussein mawji
    Enjoy the company of your friends. Enjoy the sports and games.
    Enjoy the lessons, of this world and the next.
    Enjoy the scenery and the creation of Allah.
    There is more out there than one can imagine.
    Sometimes, there is more fun out there than a smart phone or ps4.
    You just have to imagine, and create the fun.
    We miss you alot.

  • Ruheeda Issufali Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Assalamun aleikum all.
    Soldier of Imam Mahdi (a.t f )i saw you’ve been learning alot and having a wonderful time at camp! That’s great ,Alhamdulillah.
    I look forward to hearing about all new friends you made during camp .
    Best wishes to all . Be a good boy and take care of yourself and of your friends .
    Am happy to see you learnt about the chocolates .
    With lots of love mom and Afraz .

  • Fatima Rashid Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Assalaamun alaikum dear Hussein

    Just a quick message to let you know how much we miss you. The house feels different without your energy and laughter.

    Stay safe, have fun, and know that we’re eagerly counting down the days until we see you again.

    Love you loads

    Papa, mummy and Muhammadmehdi

  • Rabab Nanji Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaams zainali

    It’s so nice to see you enjoy all the fun and activities..the place looks amazing
    We are missing you a lot and counting days to see you again soon insh..

    Tc of yourself, enjoy and make good
    Love you

    Bha salaams I miss you and come back soon(from zainabbas)

  • Zainab Khaki Tuesday 11 July 2023 | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salaams Zishanhussein and Hani( and everybody)
    Thanks for sharing the photos and your experiences, seems like you really are enjoying, see you soon,
    Miss you and love you both!
    Take care

  • Fatema Suheil Wednesday 12 July 2023 | 24 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    To: Muhammad & Mikael

    Guess what?! We got to meet Baby Ridha! Hehe. Not gonna lie though, we missed you guys last night at dinner. But I think Ali missed you guys the most. The photos look awesome—hope you guys are having a great time. See you soon!

  • Sukaina Rajani Friday 14 July 2023 | 26 Dhul Hijjah 1444AH

    Salams. Hope everyone is well.
    Thank you for all the updates, seems like the boys are really busy as I haven’t seen any replies. Keep the photos coming . Enjoy the last few days boys
    Mahdi I hope you’re having a good time, it’s nice seeing photos of you
    Take care and see you soon inshallah
    Sukaina Rajani (Mom)

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