Thursday 21 September 2023 | 6 Rabi Al Awwal 1445 AH

Day 10 – 17 July 2023 / 29 Dhul Hijjah 1444A



  • Abbas Mulani
  • Baqir Canani


  • Abbas Somji
  • Ali Sheriff
  • Ayaanali Mahdi Khalfan
  • Hussein Rashid
  • Mohammed Shirazi
  • Muhammad Abdulrasul
  • Subhaan Ganji
  • Zain Raza
  • Zishan Shivji



  • Mandazi, barazi & chai


  • Chicken pasta in red sauce


  • Chicken & vegetable pizza with mixed bean salad


  • Garden pizza
  • Spouse selection
  • Debate & Skits Practice


  • Treasure hunt
  • Pool
  • Sports design


Group 10
Group 20
Group 30
Group 40

Camper Diary

The day was very eventful filled with different activities. The activities included pizza making in which we made our own stoves and made pizza from the start. We all then shared it with our mentors and admins in which we received a positive feedback. 

For breakfast, we had Mandazi  and barazi. We then went on to a session with Sheikh Zishan. We also had some light snacks during mid-day.

We then went on to pray, where we had quality group time while memorizing duas and building ourselves up for the debate against mentors where the campers won!

The closing ceremony was very eventful as we got to do a skit and mimic different mentors and share our experience with them. Overall it was a joyous event. We enjoyed throughout as we started after Maghrib. We had pizzas for dinner and we all had a good time.

We shall miss the whole environment: the atmosphere, the fun excursions and the time spent with mentors. All in all, we had a lot of fun and and enjoyed bonding with them.

Mentor Diary

Today we began our day with the sound of the humming of our young Quran reciters after the morning prayers. We had a very Tanzanian flavoured breakfast with Mandazi and Barazi that went nicely along with the tea. Our campers made the most of their time by packing up their bags during the break before initiating their busy schedule for the day.

Our campers moved on to their first class and activities with the Junior class preparing for their debate and skits early in the morning while the seniors started of their share of work building some fires to cook some pizza and the delicious Moringa omellette. Everyone had a taste of their hard work just before Salat however it didn’t take long before the pizza tray was wiped clean.

The prolific campers discussed about their task for the closing ceremony at night that included their skits’ design and their debate that they were to have with their mentors. In the midst of all this excitement, they were handed postcards to write to their fellow campers – a message they can take with themselves as they return back to their homes.

For the afternoon activities, the campers had their fascinating sports design game whereby they came up with brilliant creative ideas for new games, followed by a dip in the pool, while others were fixed onto the very exciting treasure hunt.

As the night dawned upon us, hearing the ocean waves clashing against the rocks as if to bid us farewell, we began our closing ceremony with the recitation of the Quran and the lovely voices of our beloved campers singing the praises of the masumeen (a). The camp drew to a close with well performed skits and the debates with the team presenting their final words to their campers.

Alas all good things come to a close and so did this day and the camp with hearts heavy and mixed emotions of joy and sadness. We pray the Almighty blesses us and makes this among the most fruitful deeds for this world and the hereafter.

Shakir Moledina