Friday 1 December 2023 | 17 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Ashra E Zainabiyya

This years Muharram majalises for the children, focused around the idea of the etiquette of Majalis; where children were encouraged to listen, as well as be active participants to share experiences and ask questions

Such a mode of learning taught discipline as well as thinking through which made the sessions interactive and interesting.

Parents gave positive feedback for these sessions as they saw their little ones were learning as well as enjoying the activities

This motivated the Team to hold another series of interactive sessions during Ashra Zainabiyyah under the theme: ‘Gems from the Furqan

The program was based on different topics from the Qur’an in the fields of science and Akhlaq. A wide variety of topics were covered through different activities like brainstorming, group discussions, quiz etc.

This program which was a collaboration between LMC and Madrasah al Zahra (‘A) helped to cement the learning process and to appreciate every blessing of Allah (swt).

As Imam Ali (as) has quoted in his saying no. 113 ‘No knowledge is like thinking ‘

In todays world where our minds have been tuned to instant gratification, We pray that this power of thinking and reasoning helps our children to make the best decisions in their future life,