Saturday 2 December 2023 | 18 Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Al Haj Mohammed Nathoo

“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon”
“Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we will all return.” (Surah al-Baqarah Chapter 2, verse 156)

Dar Es Salaam Jamaat Mourn the sad demise of Al Haj Mohammed Nathoo.

A tireless Leader, Volunteer and a Beloved sportsman.
Although he was best known for his cricket acumen, Al Haj  Mohammed Nathoo’s involvement in community affairs is well known. His life’s main work was of a visionary, with a sporting character from his young days in Zanzibar where he was born in 1946.

Later he moved to Dar es salaam and continued with his ardent sportsmanship & community work.
When is his prime youth, he joined the Ithnasheri Union Sports club continuing in his work to establish a strong cricket fraternity and Volleyball.

His acumen for leadership had no bounds and he participated in all Community meetings be it Jamaat or Ithnasheri Union.

Nathoo was propelled to prominence when he captained the TANZANIAN side of cricket and brought home the trophy after 17 years. That was indeed a feather in his cap. Indeed, a proud moment of our community at large. His leadership qualities embraced him to lead the Ithnasheri Union actively and participate in Dar es salaam Jamaat meetings.

He was Vice President of Dar es Salaam Jamaat under Alhaj Anverbhai Dharamsi and later took the helm as a President of Dar es salaam Jamaat when Anverbhai propelled to be president of the Africa federation.
He was very actively involved in the Africa Federation and World Federation as a Councilor.
Although later in his age he had retired from both sports & public life but still had community at his heart.
Alhaj Mohammed Nathoo was a constant presence at religious functions, community events and was a regular in Jamaat Prayers.

Alhaj Mohammed Nathoo touched the lives of younger community members and old alike in his astute presence in sports have made many young cricketers to emulate him. 

Alhaj Mohammed Nathoo will be remembered as part of the bedrock of the community.

The Dar es Salaam Jamaat managing Committee offers its condolences to the family.
We pray to Allah (SWT)  to grant him the highest stations in Jannah with fourteen Masoomeen (AS).
and grant his family patience and relief at this difficult time.
Al Fateha.