Sheikh Jehad Ismail visits DSM

Sheikh Jehad grew up in Kuwait and migrated to Australia where he completed a BA degree in Interpreting and Translation. After university he decided to go and pursue religious education, and chose Al-Azhar university as his place of studies, having been born to Sunni parents. After graduating from the faculty of Da’wah and Usool he returned to Australia and began his Tabligh work. After reading so much literature about the Shia School of Thought, he decided to convert and went to Qum to modify his religious studies in accordance to the School of Ahlul-al-Bait. Sheikh Jehad held a number of government and non-government positions, the main one being an official government Interpreter/Translator in the Australian court system. He is currently working as a Religious English Instructor at Arrahman mosque in Sydney where he resides with his wife and children.

The KSIJ of DSM were fortunate to have him as a guest speaker for the first 15 night of Ramadhan 1439.

Below are some of the captured moments taken during his last majlis at the Imambargah of KSIJ DSM.


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