Guest Speaker to DSM – Sayyid Aliraza Rizvi

Maulana  Syed Ali Raza Rizvi is a great scholar and Aalim-e-Deen. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan and raised in Birmingham, UK. His intial religious education began in

Birmingham. Then he moved to Qum for higher education. He has spoken around the world in more than 30 countries.

He studied in Hoza-e-Qum of Iran for several years and graduated in 1998 with dual Masters in Islamic Studies and Arabic. He has written and translated several books in English. Some of those are: Kitab al-Tawhid by Shaykh Saduq (the Book of Divine Unity), Introduction to Islam, Islamic Laws.


Syed Ali Raza Rizvi recited majalis in Urdu at the Imambargah from 16th night of Ramadhan 1439 to 26th night of Ramadhan 1439. He also was part of many other programs organized by the Jamaat, ie. Volunteer Appreciation and Inter-faith Iftaar as one of the speakers.

Here below is a captured moment after his last majlis in DSM whereby the President of KSIJ DSM, Alhaj Azim Dewji appreciates the Maulana with a token award.

For more information on the Maulana visit his website :


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