KSIJ DAR Youths Recognized

The Managing Committee of KSIJ DSM appreciated Youth of the Community during the Wiladat of Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Husayn (AS). These youths were chosen for their services to the community in various fields.

Here below is a list of the Youths recognized during 13th Rajab 1439:

  • Hannah Walji Shamsherali – Admin at Husayni Madrasah & Tabligh
  • Sabira Hasham Sadak – Admin at Husayni Madrasah & Jamaat Office
  • Fatema Ladha – Head of Ladies Media Room
  • Zahra Sheriff – Madrasah Teacher, Admin at Madrasah az-Zahra
  • Sumaiyya Thawer – Member of Tabligh Board, Madrasah Teacher, Member of Quran Drive Committee
  • Sakina Karmali – Joint Secretary LMC, Head Patron YAS, Treasurer MHI
  • Alina Kazim Nasser – Head volunteer Eye Camp, Member of MHI
  • Fatima Mohamedabbas Rawji – Head volunteer Eye Camp, Member of MHI, Organizing committee of Medical Seminar
  • Dr Zahra Nagri Mohamedhussein – Secretary MHI, Coordinator Health Seminar, Madrasah Teacher
  • Dr Khadija Bhimji Moledina – Co-chairperson MHI, Alumni Jamsaa
  • Aliasgher Mustafa Somji – Hon Secretary KSIJ DSM, IU Secretary and sectional head
  • Aliabbas Manji – Hon Treasurer KSIJ DSM, IU Literary Secretary & Chairman, DS Chairman & Head Patron, Madrasah Teacher
  • Navedali Dhala – Head of Media Room, Coordinator in training, broadcasting and media production
  • Dr Alihussein Molloo – Admin Husayni Madrasah, Aqaid Academic Madrasah, Medical Admin at Ebrahim Haji Health Center
  • Dr Mohamedshabbir Mohamedhussein – Consultant Doctor SSC, Member of MHI, Madrasah Teacher
  • Zeinabbas Ladha – Chairperson of MHI, Member of CMB, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Jamil Kassam – Member of IUVC, DS and Literary, Secretary of IU, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Minhaal Kassam – Chairman DS, Asst Secretary IUVC, Chairman Scouts, Vice Chairman Mayyit Committee
  • Mohamedali Khimji – Member of various Jamaat committees like Mayyit, Media Room, Scouts and Mehfil Abbas
  • Shabbirali Mussa – Head Patron DS, Member of Tabligh Board, Member of SSC, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Jaffer Shaukathussein Ali – Vice Principal Madrasah, DS Representative in Madrasah, Member of Tabligh, Organizer of Quran Drive
  • Mohamedhussein Rashid – Chairman Welfare DS, Patron DSHC, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Aliraza Mussa – Lead Patron DSSC, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities

Here below is a list of the Youths recognized during 3rd Sha’ban 1439:

  • Dr Anfaal Moloo – Member of MHI, Doctor at Ebrahim Haji
  • Dr Fatema Zahor Alloo – Member of MHI, Volunteer LMC
  • Zameena Kassam – Volunteer LMC
  • Zameena Merchant – Volunteer LMC
  • Fatema Rehman – Member DSHC and DSSC
  • Sabiha Minhaal Kassam – Coordinator of Ladies Youth Committees
  • Samana Rashid – Coordinator of Ladies Youth Committees
  • Shirin Jessa – Head Patron DSHC
  • Tabassum Fazal Ladha – Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Zaheeda Remtullah – Coordinator of Ladies Youth Committees
  • Aamir Mohamedraza Kanji – Head Patron DS, Madrasah Teacher
  • Ahmad Walji – Member of Media Room, Member of IUVC
  • Aliasgher Meghji – Secretary USC, Madrasah Teacher, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Dr Mohamed Asghar Manji – Madrasah Teacher, Member of MHI, Doctor at Ebrahim Haji
  • Mohamedasghar Shivji – Treasurer CBE, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities
  • Muzaffer Hassan Lalji – Vice Chairman Media Room, Coordinator of the IT department in various Jamaat sections
  • Naasirhussein Fidahussein – Finance Manager at Jamaat office, Member of Wellbeing Committee of SSC
  • Shaneabbas Jessa – Initiator of DS, Madrasah Teacher, Member of Managing Committee of KSIJ DSM
  • Dr Sibtain Mustafa Moledina – Madrasah Teacher, Member of MHI, Consultant Doctor SSC
  • Siraj Tejani – Madrasah Teacher, Coordinator of various Jamaat activities

Congratulations to all award winners.

May the Almighty give all our Youths the same enthusiasm and zeal to serve the community !

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