Dar Es Salaam Volunteers Recognized

On the 29th night of Mahe Mubarak Ramadhan, the Dar es Salaam Managing Committee recognized all the volunteers of different fields for their sincere service to the community.

Here below is group of young boys of the MOHR SERVICE team headed by Br. Imtiyaz Abbas being awarded by the Vice President, AlHaj Dr. Jaffer Dharsee. Read more

World Federation president, Alhajj Dr. Asgher Moledina visits Dar-es-salaam

On Tuesday, 11th February, the president of the World Federation Alhajj Dr. Asgher Moledina visited the facilities of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat with their president, Alhajj Shiraz Bhai Walji.

On a whirlwind tour, the delegation first visited the Autistic center operated by the Central Board of Education (CBE). Currently there are 40 students enrolled and a waiting list of 15 additional students. The delegation had a discussion with Dr. Nafisa who trains the teachers and counsels the parents on the requirements of special needs children. There is a huge demand for approximately 200 children and adequate resources will be required including property expansion, special needs teachers and other resources.

The delegation proceeded to view the newly opened grand swimming pool at the Al-Muntazir grounds. Dr. Moledina was impressed at the grandeur of the swimming pool and was pleased with the result of the part donation of WF funds of $50,000 and felt that it was well spent.

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On the 5th of October, 2013 the KSIJ Dar in conjunction with the World Federation and Africa Federation had organized a training session at the Men’s Imambargah to assist our volunteers, the JAMSA students and medical staff, on how to use the AED in the event of an emergency.

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm. If needed, it can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The World Federation donated not only 1 AED unit to the KSI Jamaat but also organized Dr. Mohamed Peera of Toronto, Canada (originally from Dar-es-salaam) to conduct a demonstration on using the AED unit as well as provide other training to those interested for emergency first aid chest compression and airway (CPR), Dr. Peera brought along a mannequin donated by WF with him for demonstration.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After which Dr. Peera was welcomed to enlighten us more on the AED unit. He explained to us on the how to use the machine step by step by physically demonstrating it for us on the mannequin.  A number of questions were asked by the audience present and were also given the opportunity to try demonstrating it. Overall, the program was a huge success with participants acquiring practical knowledge and a sense of accomplishment in serving the community in the future. A list of these participants will be posted along with their duties to be on call during our functions at the mosque and the Mehfil.

Our President, Shiraz P. Walji was also present and he expressed his gratitude to  Dr. Peera for coming here and educating us more on the this gadget, that will help us make a difference when in time of an emergency.

Graveyard Rehabilitation Project Fund

The Dar-es-salaam Jamaat embarked upon an ambitious project of rehabilitating the kabrastaan which is in existence for over 100 years. The project envisions standardized mold for all graves and grave plaques. This will create a lot of space and organization to the graveyard which today has an unkempt appearance.

At the completion of the project, we should be able to have pathways to a lot of deep corners of the grave yard that will ease members’ visitation to these graves. Besides the ease, access for members with wheel chairs will be facilitated to a large portion of the kabrastaan. And of course, the overall appearance of this center will be greatly improved.

As Muslims, our graveyards are frequently visited with a lot of majlis arranged on a regular basis. We are blessed to have this facility in the City Centre and our phenomenal attendance is an encouraging sign to make this facility as accessible and convenient as possible. This kabrastaan was donated to the community by the Abdulrasul Satchoo Peera family in 1907.

However, every improvement has a cost attached to it. Each grave costs 55,000/- to be rehabilitated plus an additional 25,000/- for the standardized grave plaque. This is an excellent opportunity to earn sawab-e-jaariyah for your marhumins. Jamaat is appealing to every member to at least donate for their marhumins cost of rehabilitating these graves. We have had generous donors who have donated substantial amounts. The total collected so far is 36M Tshs. and approximately 900 graves have been rehabilitated. We still have 1600 graves to rehabilitate. Needless to remind, it is a duty of every member to participate in this funding

Strategic pay points will be available in the Masjid and Mehfils during the upcoming auspicious nights and into Muharam to facilitate your generous donations. Jamaat office is always available to accept funds also. Please do the needful and a request for sure fateha for all marhumins.


Mataka Housing Project

Mataka Housing Project in West Upanga, near fire brigade and Jangwani Secondary School is now ready for completion. The housing project located on Mataka Street consists of ground floor of parking slots (22) and 12 floors of apartments and a terrace now under construction.

There are 36 flats altogether, 12 flats of 2 bedrooms and 24 units of 3 bedrooms.

The physical structure is 90% ready with workers now working on the top floor assembling the roof top terrace. Most of the finishing is completed and the project anticipates handing over to begin in as soon as 3 to 4 months from now.

There are still 2 units of 3-bedroom apartment available and 10 units of 2-bedroom apartments for sale.

Update On KSIJ Parkade

The KSIJ Parkade, located on India Street, right behind the mosque, has reached its ninth floor construction. By next month, the entire 10-floor structure will be ready. The finishing will take another year, so the community should be able to utilize these services by early 2014.

The Parkade consists of 8 floors of parking spaces – each floor accommodating approximately 20/22 cars per floor, giving us approximately 160 slots. There will be a basement and the construction committee will decide on the best utilization of that. On the ground floor there are plans for 2 shops, a mega kitchen for the mosque and an elaborate Ghusl Khana. However these are still not definitive plans and are subject to change. The top 2 floors, 9th and 10th floors are dedicated for the Jamaat offices. Designers are still in the planning stages figuring out the best possible layout.

We sent a crew out to get a glimpse of the progress.

Re-opening of Imambarghah facilities and main gates

Salaams Dear Members

Effective this morning, Monday 13th May 2013, the Jamaat has facilitated the use of Imambarghah as well the main gates for both ladies and gents.

A special appeal is made to all members of the community to please not hold any group discussions or friendly gatherings at the gates or on the footpath across the road. Volunteers have been directed to remind members accordingly – please co-operate.

Namaaz facilities for ladies will resume as usual using the ladies entrance gate.

Shahadat of our beloved 10th Imam, Imam Ali-an-Naqvi (AS) tonight, Monday 13thMay 2013, after Maghribain for ladies and gents at the respective Imambarghah’s at the Mosque. Sheikh Saqlain Abbas will recite Majlis.

Ladies Majlis for Shahadat will be held at ladies Imambarghah on Tuesday, 14th May 2013 at 4:30 pm.

Iltimase Dua,



Community Members are hereby notified that The Constitution Review Committee will hold a Second Public Forum at Gents Imambargah on Sunday19th May 2013 at 10.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Constitution review takes place once in a decade, if that. Our constitution was last reviewed in 1990, which was 23 years ago. This is a historic occasion that demands every member’s input.

Ladies and Gents are urged to participate and give their comments, suggestions or any recommended changes to the Jamaat Constitution.

Members can submit their comments on any clause BUT focus is requested for the following clauses:


  • Eligibility of Membership (Non-Khojas, Ladies)
  • Membership Categories/Types (Full, Spouse, Associate, Students, etc.)
  • Election Process
  • Role of Trustees vis-a-vis Managing Committee



Tragedy of the building collapse in Dar-es-salaam: A narrative of the secretariat e-mails

As the building under construction adjacent to the KSIJ Mosque crumbled to the ground in the early hours of Friday, March 29, at about 08.15 AM, there were some construction workers in the ill-fated building, several children who were playing in the Mosque/Imambara compound and few bystanders along Indira Ghandi Street who were caught unaware of the falling building and the ensuing disaster.
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Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat Dignitaries Site Visit on Maweni Housing Project

On Sunday the 24th March 2013, the Dar es Salaam KSI Jamaat invited members who were instrumental and played pivotal role in the conception, planning and implementation of this remarkable and impressive 11 storey building comprising of 44 three bedroom flats with the essential amenities provided.

The ceremony commenced with a short speech by the Africa Federation Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi who was also the President of Dar es Salaam KSI Jamaat when the project was launched. Anwarbhai was rightfully delighted in presenting a symbolic Key of the completed building project to the President of Dar es Salaam KSI Jamaat, Alhaj Shiraz Walji, President.
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